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In today’s topic, we will explore Pet Food, Vitamins, and more for our beloved furries.
Dry pet food is made in a hasty manner but this time most of the moisture is removed from the ingredients which are predominantly dry away and then mixed; water and steel are added to the mixture to form a mixture.


At increased temperature, the mixture then goes through an extreme depth, where it is fully cooked and pushed through a dial plate to combine shapes and sizes. Dry meal food called also kibbles ( ground meal food) is drawn to reduce moisture and sometimes coated with a combination of fats and gravy to help ensure palatability.

Kibbles are cooled and packaged to keep them safe and maintain their quality during shelf life. Wet and dry pet food quality checks take place throughout the whole process. This ensures nutritious food-safe row pairs.

A Safe Nutritionally Balanced Diet

As a nation of animal lovers, our pets must be getting a safe nutritionally balanced diet. Food production is regulated by law in the same way that human food.
animal lovers
Typical pet food ingredients include protein sources such as poultry beef and fish plus vegetables, cereals, vitamins, and minerals combined for a balanced diet.
Animal-based ingredients are fine products of the human food industry and a strictly regulated by laws when sure safety. To make wet pet food such as cans pouches and trays ingredients are carefully weighed and measured and mixed together.
This mixture is then cooked as a low for cutting to chance and mixed with gravy or Jelly then filled into a range of containers to provide a variety of formats and packaging for different pairs.
AATU 90%
The containers are then sealed and cooked at a defined temperature to keep them safe and maintain quality during their shelf life.
Inappropriate ingredients for several generations have created significant metabolic and physiological stress and convenient pet foods have really been the root of the problems of most of the inflammatory processes and degenerative diseases that plague today’s dogs and cats.

Biologically correct diet

A biologically correct diet for a carnivore is high moisture, high protein moderate fat, and low carbohydrate.
biologically correct diet
The vast majority of pet foods on the market today are the exact opposite of their low moisture and low to moderate poor quality protein and fat and high in starch or carbs.
Dogs and cats as closely as you can afford to do and my list today is based on these species-appropriate guidelines. Been a huge advocate of feeding pets with an unprocessed diet as this is exactly what they were designed to eat in the wild.
You might be saying, I would also like to eat GMO fresh food diet I just can’t afford to and of course not only do.
I get this.
 My recommendation is that you feed yourselves and your pets as many unprocessed fresh meals as you can afford to. If you can’t afford to, feed it all fresh, living a rough diet.
So what you can do is offer snacks.
dog treats
Offering fresh beef snacks for your companions, let’s say eating an entire process diet for their meals.
 But these ones are number one on my list for pet snacks and don’t just that. Actually, research does show get some healthy food is better than no healthy food. Also if you’re capable of justice using fresh foods and snacks, you’re still providing exit options for your healthy pack.

Homemade products

Dietitians and doctors agreed that it is a very healthy way to eat but at the same time, they’ve also agreed that it is hard to crack the completely balanced out. What is this mean?
They recommend the use of vitamin-mineral supplements like this
to complete the human diet.

#Let’s take a look at dogs.

Dogs are no different. They have made 42 different rituals in their food.
Everyday food alone cannot provide it a balanced diet and it is difficult too.
A recent study by veterinary researchers showed that 95% of homemade recipes online or in-store were deficient in one or more nutrients. Because of the neutral proficient diagnosis, you won’t see the problem for some time. In fact, you may not take your dog to the vet for a specific issue for years when feeding a nutrient-deficient diet.

The veterinarian may have difficulty making the diagnosis and the reason is nutritional deficiencies are not on the diagnostic radar at most veterinarians.
Even if you’re gonna do it is suspicious of a nutrient deficiency the blood tests that are necessary to prove it are not widely available and very expensive.
blood tests
And here are the sad many nutritional deficiencies that cannot be cured so reinstituting the neutral in your dog’s diet may not alleviate the sentence.
It’s very important that we realised that homemade dog food does need nutrient supplementations and you need to find a source that has a vitamin and mineral supplement that is specially tailored for him/her.

Homemade pet food is the best. Which source that has both recipes and nutrient supplements can document how much of the 42 essential nutrients that a pet needs on daily basis are in those recipes?
And because of those minerals and vitamin supplements and how they compare to the National Research Council standards.
In that way, you can ensure your pet will have a healthy life because of a healthy diet.
Which Supplements do my pets need?
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Theoretically everything your loved furry needs should be in its food.
It has the right quantity of all 42 required nutrients that dogs need on a daily basis.
However, having said that nutrition research always is ahead of the regulation and there are some wonderful supplements that all pets can actually benefit from them. That is not in pet food or at least is not regulated in pet foods at this point.
a.The supplements in age groups as needed.
Pets (Dogs/Cats/Rabbits/Llamas/Caws) at any age can benefit from these supplements called antioxidants. Antioxidants help protect the cells from damage to everyday life and metabolism. Vitamin C and vitamin E have excellent antioxidants.
Vitamin C is not found in most pet foods because it isn’t a necessary requirement. And vitamin E is found in smaller quantities rather than therapeutically.
Puppies, middle-aged dogs, and geriatric dogs also benefit from omega-3, fatty acids, EPA and DHL.


These promote anti-inflammatory activities in the body.
For instance, it has been shown that this helps puppies with brain development, helps middle-aged dogs with their arthritis conditions and has proven to be helpful for geriatric pets with dementia.
Fish body oil is the richest source of EPA and VHF.




b. let’s take a look at five years old and older.
As pets grow old, a stage where they start to get up slowly, move slowly, not really enthusiastic about exercise. Well, this is a sign that they may be developing osteoarthritis of their joints and some supplements can help them.
Chondroitin and glucosamine act to make the drugs swifter and slippering so as to move easily and so these pets are more lively and more after exercise.
c. Geriatrics pets
Geriatrics pets
As pets age, their liver begins to show the wear and tear of protecting our bodies from toxins and the toxins created by our own metabolism.
Eventually, the liver cells become a victim of those same thoughts and the little becomes dysfunctional.
There’s a supplement that will help them through.

# Canna-Pet
offers a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee


canna pet
However, supplements such as addenda silma thiamine or thiamine, and silymarin, which is found in our system have been shown to protect the liver and actually reverse the damage to the liver cells.
and lastly the only one splendid for someone with sensible digestion and bowel issues

Rounding Up

Over the years I found many great supplements and meal additions that provide a lot of nutritional benefits for my pets. Many of these are from amazing small businesses that share the same values. Many of us pet owners do what is from the source, the best ingredients that provide the most optimal nutrients to our animals.
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  1. Thank u for this very enlightening article about pets and vitamins. We have 3 pets at home – 2 dogs and a cat, and they do require supplements once in a while. Also, I have found that when your pet is refusing to eat meals properly, a mild hunger supplement works wonders. 




    1. Thank you Aparna, you are right. Sometimes you know if even with the vitamins the pets refuse to eat the vegetables between the meet we do have to intervene and add others vitamins, like fish oil etc etc

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