The odd-looking but affectionate Llamas.



   5 -25 years with a high of  1.70 – 1.80m, long legs, triangle head and sharp ears


South America, The Andes Mountains, Peru. Llamas are related to the camel family


They can weigh anything between 130 – 200kg

  They love to be in groups so as to alert each other, the rate of survival is high.




         Llamas are black, grey, beige, brown, aubern and white.


The gestation period is 11-12 months. They produce just one baby who can stand up a few minutes after birth.  Females give around 60 ml of milk which make the baby suck often.  A Baby Lama is covered with hair at birth.


As LlAMAs are ruminant animals they eat grass, dwarf shrubs and lichens. They consume water just in small quantities.


Llamas are very clean animals. For instance when they have to go to the toilet they’re doing it just in one place not everywhere.


 Five things you didn’t know about them



1.llama Mamas. carry a baby llama for years. Baby llamas,  born weighing between 20 and 35 pounds and straight away after are jumping around, nothing like a human baby

  1. Their cousin is the spitting camel.

When you talk about urban legends these camels will spit out so much and fast than llamas

3.Llama vs alpaca

 First thing you know about llamas they are often confused without Packers. Alpaca’s are a little different, friendly, their faces are a little bit shorter and other ears aren’t quite as big, even look like a giant standard poodle.

  1. Llamas are super strong and really quick, they can get up to 450 pounds

  2. Guard love

Llamas can be extremely protective I mean who needs a guard dog when you have a good guard love. really unique adaptations of varying, smell, eyesight and caring for them to detect predators and alert the others. they’re amazing and everyone is really starting to find out just how amazing these creatures

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