Pets and how they  can improve your mental health
Will mostly be talking about dogs because those are the pets that I have. But whatever pet you have cats rabbits, guinea pigs dock, what is working best for you if you like articles like this and want to see more you can subscribe to my channel and website.


#Let’s talk about mental health

Just playing with dogs has been shown to release oxytocin and dopamine in your brain. These are neurotransmitters

that can help play a role in how we feel pleasure and you could call these your feel-good hormones. To put it simply dogs make you happier maybe you already have a furry friend or you’re thinking of adopting 1, they could really help you with your depression.
I really think so! There is a very good book I read a few years ago by Dr David M.Horan Companion Animal Health, called


Let’s talk about it if you have Dogs

They’re going to force you to exercise in some way shape or form. We know that exercise can help your depression because whenever you exercise you release endorphins into your brain which are more of those feel-good hormones that are going to improve your mood.
Dogs are very active and they have lots of energy, well most of the time a lot of the time; you’re going to need to take your dogs on walks or take them to the dog park to let them run around and get some exercise
Or even just take them to your yard and throw the ball with them and let them play fetch. You’re not going to be getting as much exercise as your dog then but he will still be off the couch and out into the sunlight. which is also proven to help depression symptoms you’ll be bonding with your pet and your pet will love you and hopefully, it’ll leave you feeling a little bit better than you did before.
Your pet is happy or probably makes you feel happier and also gives you a purpose.

Pets will give you purpose and responsibility

Elena's pack
Caring for your pet is a lot of responsibility: you have to feed them, you have to make sure they have clean water, you have to make sure you take them to the vet to get their shots and I think it plenty of exercises and that we’re taking care of; you also have to train them especially if you get them as puppies which can be nightmares.
Yes, I admit there’s a lot of work and a lot of effort. When I got this one at six weeks old he was not pleasant to say, the least but I was consistent with him and I stuck with it I trained him and I love my life with him, I cannot imagine my life without him.

Studies have shown that having all this responsibility for your pets and fulfilling those tasks every day will give you a purpose and in turn, help ease symptoms of your depression. I found this to be especially true, the more successfully that you take care of your pets the more purpose you’re going to feel.

Is like you have it and it’s all too often that when we’re depressed we feel like we don’t have a purpose and that we don’t matter but dogs, cats and all pets might give you that sense of purpose back. Having a pet will also sometimes force you to socialise if you’re depressed.
Sometimes the last thing you want to do is go out and socialise with people but if you have to take your dog on a walk or if your dog is just begging you to go to the dog park then, studies have shown that face-to-face interaction can help the symptoms of depression. here out walking your dog somebody’s bound to stop you and ask you if they can pet the dog or what kind of breed the dog is.
Even if it is a brief interaction it can help alleviate that feeling of depression and alone feeling also having a dog or any pet might relieve the feeling of being lonely simply by them being there.
I mean I talk to my old boy baby 13 y all the time.

It’s too often when you’re depressed that you really just want to self-isolate and be alone and at least being alone with a pet is better than being completely alone altogether plus you know cuddles are the best.
If you’re thinking about getting a dog after you’ve read this article please understand that dogs are a big responsibility and when you get a dog they’re going to be a part of your forever family. Dogs are also not a cure for major depression but if you do suffer from major depression the unconditional love that a dog will give you can really help.
Suppose you already have a dog just try to pet them more often. In that case, try to take them out for walks and exercise more often because what you’re really trying to do is to strengthen the bond with your pet and second, you’re trying to release those feel-good hormones in your brain to help you feel a little bit better and maybe ease the symptoms of depression.
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