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The Natural Question that Comes Up is How Much do you Feed your Pets


I’m sure like with humans there is a recommended amount of protein that seems about right for the pets too.  Because a lot of people are used to seeing overweight dogs, believe it or not, the obesity epidemic is not limited to humans, all started from the Homosapien and didn’t stop there, pets of all kinds have this disease too.

Protein for pets

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The healthcare provider, the vet told me that he wants to see a little bit of ribs in your pets they don’t want them to just look massive. Dogs get arthritis as well as joint pain.  I like to keep my dogs lean but they’re very active as well. That’s why I give the amount of food. I have a good idea to feed him raw for his entire life.  As of now, he is in the second stage of his life, 11 years old. So I have been taught and educated that when they look too skinny or just not right if we do a big high food depo I will double up on the food. Could I be more scientific about that? Yes.

Here is the processor, food that we are using to mix the raw chicken with vegetable


I give you the best recommendations? Nooooooooo, probably not because out there are o  so many. You need to thin cells and test with your own animal and figure out what’s gonna work for them!

Again, you can feed your pets like a raw keto diet if you want they do really well in this diet.

I did some comparisons to other dogs, mine is really healthy despite his 11 years old and still alive and he is so devoutly, healthy, joyful and full of life, exercising regularly & so on.

Compared to family members and friends that have fed their dog with dog food like kibble, my dogs are still alive and they’ve outlived and they don’t have any disease or cancer, so please there is very little as we give him a good diet and good exercise and sun exposure.


The Raw FEEDING CALCULATOR at BJ’s Raw Pet Food I believe is the best explanation

There are some recommendations to links below




and resources I do have. The thing is people don’t buy chicken necks so, it’s not something that they normally buy. Because of this, the price is very affordable and it isn’t much expensive but we have to take these out of the freezer. You have to give him/her after you wash your hands. It’s a little bit messier.

If you are at the bottom of the barrel, lowest absorbed your dog is probably not gonna get you to know a full nutrient repletion from just that. As I’ve said my dog doesn’t have cancer, don’t have diabetes in his shoes, and one you know going on 12year. Vet bills become very expensive if you have to bring the pet to the vet you know so I really will consider if I’ll be you.


The other thing that I forgot to mention is we do egg yolks as well, so we have back egg yolks. Have you been feeding your pet wrong? Please feel free to check my latest post regarding this here.

Why feeding raw food is the best option for your” furry family member” and all your animals? 5 Vets spoke about this in this video

I forgot to mention that we always have as a backup, raw chicken and boneless fish in the freezer special for him ready to be processed. But raw eggs can be helpful for pups as well as for an adult or even pet,  so get in the habit to feed them with my friends. I do love to see and hear what you feed your pets, please feel free to comment down below.


Let ate big & healthy and you can avoid or mitigate any unspeakable disease or delay the very end of life when it’s absolutely necessary. With this in mind, I would love to know what and how you feed your pet.


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