Have you ever seen anything so sweet and furry? The Sweetest, amazing, loyal, honest, Wonderful, unconditional love!


If you are wondering what we are talking about or who is the amazing, wonderful, loyal part of a pet family.

Is also known as “mans best friend”.


But, mostly is your soul mate, your nontalking baby boy/girl with hair

YES, your furry companion, the family member called Dog!


Its origin ………………is unknown. But we all know that his ancestors come from the wolf. The word’ ‘dog” well, not all of us know that this is from the old English ”docga” and is precisely orientating to a powerful breed of canine.


Individually unique, full of character, loveable and the most popular 4 legged family member. The one and only unconditional love we will ever find on this Earth!.

The average life span can be between, 8 – 18 years old provided they are looked after and care for properly.



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We will answer as quickly as we can as we’re here to be your animal worldwide ambassador.

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