SUNSHINE after the 1ST Dose of OXFORD ASTRA ZENECA COVID19 Vaccine, YES 100% TRUE!




Who have been invented this COVID19 virus is an f……. mind brilliant. A one definitely GENIUS I can say. Sunshine come after the dawn/ virus. Always. Light comes out after the dark. ALWAYS! If you can feel so terribly sick with just a replica dose of this virus imagine how strong and powerful is the real strain, the real COVID19.

 To give you an update on my own experience. On the 4th day after the Oxford Astra Zeneca COVID19 vaccine, my stomach still kills me and wake me up every single morning with a vomiting sensation and strong pain in the chest. I am still dizzy. My body, muscles and bones, did not hurt so much but still are. Just today I can say that I can do my workout practice and that’s the main thing! The mood you want to improve fast but this is quite impossible as the sensation in the stomach and lower body is over unbearable! I hate taking tablets but the pain in the stomach goes only 1/2h after Famotidine.


People NEEDS to know that this virus IS NOT JUST cold & flu symptoms, NOOOOOO!  They are not disclosing all the symptoms!

This virus localises especial where you are most sensitive. This means that if you have or had problems with the stomach, the virus will take aggressive actions against the stomach.

If you have problems with the bowel, the virus will go there to try to damage and make the body stronger. But how? At first, you’ll feel you wanna die in hell. Then, the fightback response of the body will force the virus to move on as you become stronger in your sensitive area. The virus moves on to the next sensitive part until your body response back will kill from that side too. When the virus won’t have anywhere else to stay, any sensitive area inside, then your nightmare will finish. This could take more than 7 days, not 3-4 days as the “experts” said.


Not to mention the new strains. Multiplying the virus, introducing it into your own cells/body to raise your immunity by fighting from inside out, I think this is a bit like…….playing with lives!  According to WHO the efficacy of this vaccine is 63.09 against symptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infection. Who knows better after all. They are just human scientists trying to invent and discover new things to make this life bearable.


In some cases is working. In some NOT.





People, souls are dying as their inside subconscious organs/cells can’t fight anymore to anything. It is heartbreaking. Soul destroyer. Because humans are not trying enough to come back to what they are: a piece of God, an infinite piece of the universe full of all possibilities!


Is being a challenge by now. Still is.


But hey, heads up! Because the LIGHT is here, Always been and always will be. After dawn, the sun rises and everything will try to be back to normal.

I know this post is not quite related to any of my sites, but I really need to disclose this, you can check the side effects here to make you aware of the real facts.




The Light Behind the dark curtains always comes back!







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2 Replies to “SUNSHINE after ASTRA ZENECA Vaccine”

  1. The accounts I have heard of makes this virus sound really scary. There are families that have lost several members. Well I decided that I would not take any chances. I have had many vaccines in my life and they were all safe and effective so I went for my first, then after some weeks, the second dose of Astrazenca. It has been over a month since the second shot and I am glad I decided to have it done

    1. Yeap, you write to me too. Although I have been very very sick. My partner though has had nothing at all.

      I guess this is depending on the immunity also. Some will say but there are research to prove this, that the people who have been very sick after the 1dose have had asymptomatic the virus 

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