Have you ever wondered what is most important in life? Who and why and how do we understand each other? There is only 1 soul, or maybe not just one. The priceless connection with furry souls.


The closest to human souls is the animal /pet heart, and this is the most forthcoming connection with their mind you’ll ever have. In this life!


# Let’s start with the beginning


It was just how I remember. Perfectly curly, brown and crying the 4 legged souls I have ever felt in my arms, on my body. Straight away I loved him and I promised to myself never to let go, so 10 yrs on he’s still loved and cared for by me & everyone today.


Nothing and no one can take his love and loyalty, attachments and protection away. We’ll give each other love and protection until his time comes to depart for the clouds above. Hopefully, that’s years away!


The new family member can put a smile on anyone’s face and can bring happiness to any household. If any animals happen to come into your life, no matter how and no matter the background there be grateful for the love and kindness you give them. The connection and devotion between your family member, and the 4 legged furry is and will be indestructible and unmeasured that you’ll never ever forget.


For instance, the biggest well-known sculptor of the 20th century, Constantin Brancusi.


constantin brancusi


He has as a friend and muses a very old family member, a Samoyed dog called Polaire. The artist loved so much his friend as they’ve never been unseparated. He has been taking Polaire to the biggest theatres, coffee shops, and movies. In this way, Polaire has become a beautiful celebrity. On his life path, the magnificent Samoyed has also been painted and photographed by the modern renowned as Man Ray and Edward Steichen.

Years, times, and centuries will pass over but nothing and no one can change the love the – 4 legged furry family members – can give you. By mistake, you can hit them, you can shout to them and send them away.

They will always, always come back to you and loves you more than anything. Protecting you with their eyes, mouth and soul. Forever.


# This says enough!


What about you?! What you can say about your beloved magnificent 4 legged family member?


Please feel free to email us at whenever you like and with anything. I will answer as quickly as we can as We are here to be your animal worldwide ambassador.


animal lover


Just trying to get out of the boring life throughout this little video.








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7 Replies to “The Priceless Connection”

  1. I can talk about the first four leg friend I ever had. She was a calico cat that used to stay near my girlfriend’s apartment backdoor. She finally adopted her. Since I used to be with my lady most of the time, the cat started to consider
    me like one of the roommates (because you never really adopt a cat. You find a new roommate -nuance). Never thought that a cat could be that fascinating and intelligent. What I liked the most about her was that she had to call the shots when it was cuddle time. You can’t decide. So funny and independent.  But she had cancer, so we had to let her go…

    1. Like you, I had before a Siamese cat. They are so bright, so intelligent. But this here is about the love of every animal soul, no matter what skin wear. Every soul count. Without taking into consideration that they are more intelligent and loving than humans.

  2. It is amazing the love that animals share with humans. I had owned a few dogs at one time and saw firsthand how they are so loyal to you. I believe we should do all that we can to help to take care of them because of the love that they have towards us. This is why animal shelters can be found all over this world to help take care of those animals who need food and tender loving care.

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