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3 Mistakes While Raising up My Baby Fur Ball




I have to admit that there have been mistakes I’ve made at times which made me feel so bad, that sometimes I don’t wish to remember. All I can do right now is to get down on my knees and whisper to his ears while I hug him “please forgive me for everything, I love you soooo soooooo much that I would prosecute anyone that would hurt you, I give my life for you as you are my only protector, my only true and unconditional love”.




The MISTAKES I've done along times



When I first get him into my arms was no big than a medium-size cat, no more than a big mathematic ruler.




1. Unhealthy



The stress accumulated from an unhealthy relationship, marriage, unsecured job, bad friendship, the family who are never satisfied makes you feel an insignificant piece of nothing. Hmmmm that not looks so much you think.


Shouting and blaming the new family member, a poor small piece of animal – he is the 1st biggest and unmeasurable mistake?


He is a magnificent shining white bright in your life and never can be blamed for all the troubles that are going on in your life, NEVER!



2. Incorporate reward/

 Allowing him to eat at the same table with you



As he grows old in months you realise how intelligent he is. You are proud of anything he’s doing, every small gesture, such as coming to put his head under your arms/hands, kissing you nonstop, bringing you the ball when you are crying or jumping and running around with his toys just to make you smile.


Ok, so it’s time to reward. How? Indulge him while you have your breakfast to have some of yours, at lunch you give him food at the same time as you are eating and maybe sometimes put his bowl on the same table to let him eat together with you.








 3. Walking Leash Off


The biggest mistake is to walk him leash off.


Ok soooo you trust him enough, as is big enough to walk beside you. You’ve tried to train him to sit, give paw, stay, do not eat from strangers, and walk at the same speed as you, slowly. So you said to yourself, its time to let him freely walk beside me, among humans.





Ok, some may say their furballs can be walked off lead no issues but one day that may change, you never can tell. But unless they are in a safe environment being kept on a leash is probably the best.


Let’s say, for example, his deeply wild animal sense coming into the equation with loud barking. Once his super-sensitive smell a female or an unusual/new scent, his wish is to sniff it out further!  As he is free of the leash, he will run like hell for the scent and, the worst thing is that you can’t necessarily see where he went and you can not find him.


Ohhhhh Gosh what have I done, You’ll start crying inside!


DO NOT TRUST that he will come back to you as the scent disappear or couldn’t find it. He is just gone as the air. Because is not old enough to recognise the buildings and spaces so quick, he is gonna get missing. And, you don’t want this!




4. Non Expensive Solutions





   Awesome alternatives to a normal leash, the extendable leashes won’t cost you a fortune and are not at all expensive.


Soooo, we’ve tried this one first. 

With a super convenient price of £14.99, very affordable and with a super-strong metal attachment was easy to instal and maintain. Let’s take a look



Considering giving him a bit more space, to run and hang out with others while we’re on a walk, we’ve reconsidered and got the retractable leash too.

In different colours and no more than £20




At a price of £21.87, awesome reviews as it is the best of the best, try it for yourself








Learn from others to avoid mistakes. Train them from a young and give them unconditional love although don’t smother them.

If you have any feedback about this post that you have tried or you have any questions, please feel free to leave any comments below or here!


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7 Replies to “3 Mistakes Raising up My Fury Ball”

  1. Your right, never feed your dog table scraps. I did and I soon regretted it. This can cause unhealthy behavior as well as medical problems. Stick with a good brand of dog food and don’t deviate.

    I also use a retractable leash for a medium-size dog and have never had a problem with it but he was so well-behaved it didn’t really matter. I found a shorter non-retractable leash gives you a lot more control over the dog if it is more out of control. What are your thoughts on shorter leashes? Thanks!

  2. I fully agree with you that you never want to feed your dog at the table, or let him eat while you are eating. There is nothing worse than a dog that is begging at the table and sitting very expectantly to get something from your plate. 

    A dog is a man’s best friend, but you certainly do not want to let him off his lead, even if he is very obedient. You never know what might happen and if he does unexpectantly run off, there just might be a car that comes along as well. A well trained dog is very rewarding. 

  3. Hello 🙂

    I can totally relate to all the mistakes you have listed , however through good dog trainers I found in my area, we manage to identify and resolve most of the issues. The walking lead was a huge challenge and when we got the retractable lead you mention it made  a huge difference and even when he is off the lead he wont go very far and will keep to the same distance:)

    Have you heard of the halti dog head collar? Its an awesome walking tool that is comfortable for both your pet and for you 🙂

    It makes walking more fun as no pulling and you have more steering control:)

    Thanks for the post and your love of pets resonates with me, now Im off to walk my boy 🙂

    1. Hi Janine, you are perfectly super right!

      I never heard about this ” halti dog head collar” I will just google now. Ohhh yes just find out. Unfortunately we are not the FOLLOWERs of hold/tide the harness over the neck but over the body. You can check a harness we are using here but mostly this one he likes it!

      But the most is that we shouldn’t spoil them so much but is no way to not do it you know that. Most of all the bad thing is that will suffer for good from separation anxiety. and this, not even Cesar can cure it!

  4. Thanks for sharing this information with us.  I read it with great amusement.

    Having had 2 king Charles spaniels, I can identify with everything you say.  There are no two dogs the same, just as with humans, we are all totally different.  But at the same time, there are great similarities.

    One of my dogs loved to get off the lead and run through the trees in our local forest, whereas the other one would never  let us out of its sight.  But when either of them saw a bird, or whatever, off they both would run.  The latter totally forgetting about us, of where we were.  Shouting was useless, we were just ignored.

    While we let the current one sit on a seat at the table, he knows that he has to wait until he is given something, but every so often he chances his paw. It not that he forgets, as he know exactly what he’s doing.  I always keep a tiny bit on my plate, he knows he won’t get it until I’m finished.  So he keeps an eye on my plate and as soon as he sees that I am almost finished he gets down and comes round and sits beside me and waits.  You can imagine how it breaks my heart on the odd occasion that I forget until I have everything eaten.  I have even been known to remember with the last bit of food in my mouth and have taken a bit out, to give to him.

    Totally and utterly spoiled!!

    1. Hi Geoff, you are perfectly right. I’ve read your comments and agree 1000%. all are the same, although are not.

      But on the other hand, when is coming for food, ohhhhh boy they are just waiting and waiting and they now, exactly what we are going to do. and is not, there we are!

      You can not spoil them as you’ve raised him from a baby that’s true.

      Thank you for your comment & much many blessings

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