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Today we will have a conversation about one thing you need to do this week. Just one thing and there’s a reason why you and I are going to talk about this today because I know you need to hear this.
Only one thing that you and I are going to be doing this week ……..and I’m thinking about this right now: Get a VACATION week!
There’s always chaos in your life regardless of when you’re listening to this but especially during the holidays this is a message you need to hear it’s a message, I need to hear it’s a message everybody needs to hear because there’s only one thing,

# I want you to do this week: NOTHING!



Wait a minute. Did I just say do nothing? Here’s the funny part about this. I bet you might be doing something right now because you’re a multitasker and so am I. You are listening to music, TV, or whatever Alexa or Cortana while you’re doing the dishes,  you’re walking the dogs.  You and I might be at the point in our relationship where you are actually sitting on the toilet and I’m in the bathroom stall with you as you’re reading this don’t tell me that you have not taken me into the bathroom coz I can eat and feel it over there.
I say this because we got to talk about


# The Art of Doing Nothing

I’m not stupid enough to think that you can actually do nothing! I mean obviously, this is like a metaphorical conversation because you probably have to work doing nothing. Sounds like a luxury doesn’t it? Because when somebody tells me just do nothing this week you know what I say how about you go f…. yourself because I got a company to run, I got bills to pay.


I don’t know if this is like something that trust funders do or people that don’t have to work but I got a heart disease baby furry poodle a13 years old at home, I got an aunt-mum to take care of her treatment, I got stuff to do.  I want you to know that if you have young kids or you’re taking care of aging parents or you’re working 2-3-4 jobs or the night shift I’m talking to you too because the art of doing nothing is something that we all need in our lives.
 I personally love working between the week of Christmas and new year because nobody’s there and it is way more stressful free and you can get more done because you are in a million meetings. But if you do have the time off let me guess what are you doing with the time off you are rearranging your cupboards, you’re doing a million things on your To-Do List, and you are just keeping busy.
 This week just get up, please.
 I want to explain this concept, this metaphor of doing nothing. Being able to do nothing whether it’s just for a minute sports for a day or it’s for a week is so important. I’m having the conversation not only with you I am talking to myself right now too because I have a hard time doing nothing.
WHYYYYYYY? Because I’m just like you I’m addicted to being busy I’m addicted to my To Do List writing it out, crossing off drawing it away, losing, and writing another article and perhaps a new book. The world has glamorized being productive being busy blablablablabla hustles hustle culture.
Having a side hustle there’s so much to hustle around some days. I literally have no idea what I’m doing. You may always be on the go like I am but are you actually getting anywhere? That’s why I want to talk about the importance, the art the science of learning how to do nothing on purpose.
Right now we have to figure out how to create moments when we’re thinking about nothing when we’re doing nothing because these moments help you refuel. I think one of the reasons why you and I are constantly so stressed in our minds is like a flywheel, always going and we’re not in the present moment because we’re never not doing something.
 This week the only thing that I want you and me to do is nothing and I’m going to break this down. Don’t worry because doing nothing might just mean that you’re going to learn this week how to find 5 minutes to do nothing to think about nothing; it could mean pushing off your To Do List to next week and committing to doing nothing on it this week.
Honestly, I need this as much as you do. I mean when I‘ve finished work and S, my partner, picked me up; I jump into the front seat of the car and  I turn on:  how we stop at the grocery store on the way home, he’s like but I’ve already gone twice this week and I’m like only probably need something. Then I caught and ask myself:  what am I doing why am I filling the time with something why can’t I just sit in the car and do nothing, why can’t I just go home and put my bags in the closet and just enjoy time with our furriers and everything why do I have to do something?
Here’s another one. Last night S and I were watching a movie and talking about it and paused something to talk about how our day was it was absolutely beautiful we have a nice quiet evening. As the movie was wrapping up S got up and went to bed. Do you know what I did? I stayed and scrolled through my freaking phone I don’t know why I did it I literally sat there, and I started scrolling through Instagram and the next thing you know 35 minutes have gone by. S is gone off to bed he’s sound asleep and snoring you know sawing logs like he’s already in dreams land in his deep dream state.
I have wasted 35 minutes getting all jacked up about everybody else’s life what people are doing in their businesses and stuff like that, the things I need to buy, and all that kind of stuff. I was so busy I could have enjoyed myself if I put the phone down instead I picked it up because I got to be doing something I got to be thinking thoughts I got me doing the thing I got the scroll through the thing that goes well a lot I could have just gone to bed by S and had a nice night sleep. No no no not me I got always been doing something.
Here’s the irony of the topic today: everybody has no idea how to do nothing. I have a feeling that this is going to be one of those conversations that you and I have where you’re going to write to me like the woman you’ve got a lot to learn.
What if for a minute just be yourself, that is exactly what you need! It’s exactly what I need and this will be interesting because the truth is I have no freaking clue how to do this.
So I found this song and  I you know this is a good technique for me this song is very old it’s called genesis and it’s one of those trippy socks you know like it you might expect any other class here we go

There’s a theme here but is nothing wrong if you like trippy music, nothing wrong with a psychedelic medication, sort of vibe. I think and when I hear music like that, I just pay attention to the music and I notice my thoughts melt away. For me the little thing that I’m going to do is count to 2-1-3 and do nothing for a minute; take a breath. Put that song you are completely going out of your thoughts because that will focus my mind and something other than all the crap. That’s normally spinning that’s what I’m going to do.
 I know what you’re probably thinking right now! But is better like this than your mind exploding full of negative thoughts!
What’s the difference between being lazy, being a procrastinator having excuses, and doing nothing?

# 1 Being lazy

 is fine if you know you’re lazy, more power to you that’s great. What’s great about lazy people is they don’t make themselves wrong, you’re an overachiever if you beat yourself up, when you’re not doing everything that you need to be doing. People who are truly lazy do not give a damn s……. about the fact that they’re not doing anything. People like this they’re not motivated, they don’t care they’re not looking to change the world they don’t care.

 Here’s the thing that I feel about human beings if it works for you do it because it’s your life, nobody said that you have to go to change the world. If you enjoy your life and you consider yourself to be a lazy person you are winning at life because you enjoy it and so we could all learn something from lazy people. Because people that are truly lazy have no problem being lazy.

#2 Procrastination.

 Procrastination is a habit that is triggered by stress.

 I say that again:
procrastination is a habit of avoiding what you need to do because you’re stressed out! There’s a lot of research around us.

#3 Excuses

 when you are actively campaigning to not do something that’s what excuses it’s; when you are convincing yourself not to do something.
 Do you notice that all three things that I just explained?
Being lazy, procrastinating and excuses are things that are very busy.
 I’m asking you to do nothing I’m asking you to be hyper-intentional about unplugging for a second hyper intentional about removing the stress removing all of the pressure that you feel I’m asking you to do something really positive for your mental health for your stamina for your energy for your resilience for your presence!
 That’s what doing nothing is! It is not being lazy, it’s not procrastinating, it’s not an excuse it’s literally just allowing yourself to take a break because you deserve that!
Till next time …….
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