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·       Lifespan:   10 -18 years but this depends on how good you are taking care of

·         Origin: Did you know that this wonderful furry comes from a wild species of wolves who’ve been domesticated around 20-45.000 years ago? But obviously no one knows the exact state or country where that was. Opinions are so diversified that you don’t know what to believe anymore. Some said from the deep of Africa some said Australia.

How can we not be impressed and astonished by this amazing, intelligent, brilliant and all in one family member?

A lot of famous people tend to have different wild animals as pets. But one of the cutest friendships is a friendship between a gorgeous actress Audrey Hepburn and a baby who died.

In the film green mansions when Audrey was making this film, the animal trainer suggested she take a baby deer home to learn her follow the actress.  Audrey agreed she was so nice and calm to the fan that she took Madri as her mother and recalled a fan if an orchid and letting her life in her house acute wild animal would cuddle Audrey accompany her to the supermarket in Beverly Hills and even would sleep in her bed.

A lot of people were impressed by this unusual bond having a cute fan at home..



Another heroin 1989 Gilberto Barrow shed a fisherman tour guide and naturalists from Siqueiros Limon province Costa Rica. He found a male crocodile dying from a severe injury after being shot by a farmer. Gilberto saved him and called him” poncho”. And nursed him until the croc recovered in his house.


After that Gilberto took the animal back to the river to let it go but Pocho didn’t want to swim away and followed Gilberto back. Home Gilberto had nothing to do but ask permission from the minister of the environment to take care of the beast. Pocho in Guildford over together over 20 years. An incredible example of trust and love, the friend spent hours each day swimming and play sorry to say poncho died of natural causes in the October 2011.#


Jessica is a famous hippo in the world. Now she is 18 years old and she lives in South Africa. She goes to the House of people who raised her as a child. Tony and Shirley Gilbert during the floods of March 11, 2000, a tiny newborn baby hippo were washed away from her mother and thrown on the side of the Blyde River.


 She was terribly tired in two weeks when Tony and Shirley found her they were the first thing she saw in her life.  Since then Jessica and the humans formed a very close relationship. Now she lives in the wild with other hippo’s but she always comes back especially at dinner time.


Tony and Shirley found her sleeping on the porch with their dog. some people want to have a cat at home while others are eager to have a very big and dangerous one.


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