In this article, I will do my best to describe or explain the 5 keywords following my understanding from the founder of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle lesson.

The platform where to find and search for any keywords is called and is pretty simple to navigate through.

For instance, if you think about one keyword, let’s say ”health & Beauty”, you just have to tap the word in the search box wait for a second and there is the answer.


Firstly as explained by Kyle we have to look for the keywords which have to make sense. For instance “health and beauty wear” is not quite a meaningful word. We can look further and take let’s say, “health and beauty product” bearing in mind the Avg and Traffic. Then we can look at getting QSR. As for Domains, we’ll talk later about this.

Wait, what? What is this I don’t know what are you talking about?

What is QSR, Avg KQI, SEO, please!

Let’s see it then.

These words are called monthly metrics in order to help you understand the meaning of the research.

QSR = Quoted Search Results, the number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword.

Avg = represent the average number of searches that the keyword receives per months.

KQI = Keyword quality indicator, Yellow is OK, Green is great, Red is Poor

When the SEO which is a score based on traffic and competition is higher more likely you will rank, on this keyword on the first page (scale1-100, Higher=better).


Traffic = is mean, how much visits to your website are you achieve first rankings in the Search engines.

As the QSR is over 100 is the way how’s shows the competition. Can expand this with another search until we’ll find the proper one, for instance, this one


We can see that it is 102 and is fine; 104, 105 but ideally the QSR MUST BE under 100.

Secondly, the ”Avg” should be around or over 40 clicks/months.

Here are the keywords that I believe will be useful in developing posts, steps by steps for everyone interested in making a passive income online.


In these categories, in my opinion, enter the following


  • kitchens

  • cooking for diets

  • BBQ’s and recipes

  • international cooking


  • Antiquities

  • Living Rooms

  • Bedrooms

  • Disabled House

  • Second Hand

Idea 2: PEOPLE

Another super idea that can be expanded :

  • Elderly

  • Toddler

  • Elementary School

  • Universities & College

  • Teenagers

  • Babies


In here you can write everything about

  • Holidays

  • Hobbies

  • Volunteering

  • Children playgrounds

  • Adults playgrounds

Idea 4: FAUNA

The keywords included in these categories in my humble opinion are

  • Pets: any animals from – Dogs,

– Cats,

– Goats,

– Elephants,

– Guinea Pig,

– Rabbits,

– Horses,

– Hamsters,

– Parrots,

– Crocodiles

  • Pet supplies: – Baskets




-Food & Cookies for pets

– Insurance

– Vets

  • Wildlife with their Country related

However, in my research I find the most amazing Google Trend keywords-research where it is said that people are more focused on these and I would love to share with you:

  • Solar energy Products

  • Eco-friendly Products

  • Baby Clothes

  • Health & Beauty

  • Pet Products

  • Sports Equipment

  • Watches

  • LED

Also, my mentor just advises us in her last video tutorial ”Sales Prospecting Online” about how every time you prospect has to do it from the perspective of the customers. You should have the vision of what the customers/visitors or market demanding have and write with the certainty that is gonna catch the audience badly.

To End Up

To conclude and as one of my mentors said that ”if you help someone no matter in which niche or keyword that’s mean that you can build a business doing so”. Therefore, a keyword you can write it in the 1st paragraphs, in the title and you can add to summarize your article.

This example of the article is how the keywords are used with professionalism which I highly recommend.

It is not simple I know, but I promise that if you try to follow or to take my advice it will work!


To your well-being


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