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Decent pandemic supplies as in an epidemic lockdown when everyone and everything squeezing you from all your saved money? 


Decent Lockdown Supplies? Let’s get serious here!


Well, some of what we’ve acquainted with by now are far the real deal.




Breaking Down the Supplies Industry 




To begin with, some super amazing products let’s break down the greatest suitable and qualitative supplies for your furry family member. Do you want to know? 


OK. Let’s take a close look at the following examples. 



1. Made in the Middle East? Highly NOT Recommended




Why? First of all, are mass production which means that there is no significant quality as the manufacturers are looking just for the money.


According to EuroPages, the most significant and mass producers for pet/animals supplies are the ones from Middles East countries. 


However we have found that in Spain Home Furnishing for PetsS.L, PETCRAFT Turkey and many others are greater than the ones from Middle East countries. No offence! The products are quality made, from substantial and durable material, and predominantly………..preferable because of comfortability!





2.  Addiction to Quality




Buying the best luxury pets beds, mattresses, crate mats and blankets is not everything. Looking and larking around with friends is enough to realise how important the quality is. 


Not Why again, pleaasssse?



We all know that anything which is not qualitative and is a cheap mass production is not meant to last. Yeah, it is so simple as this!


Although you are paying “a lot of money you’ll moan” it is really worth it! But the problem is not to the cost. Cost is less when you start thinking about it in a………. let’s say 2-3 months when you saw a different newly super soft bed. Is that right? Yeap!



For instance the quality of this one  bed



If you’ll like, you can take yours here



implies that as we, humans liked – I mean you will buy as you do for yourself, not just the material is very important the quality is what we’re looking for, where is coming from- is, after all, everything and unmeasurable. 



 3. The Pawsoftness in the World




What size should be? Hmmmmmm that not so difficult to find out because of just looking at his/her highness size isn’t it? But in the case of misjudging, you can always send it back. Let’s take a look at this do you think is the right one?








Ohhhhh nooooooo not packed and sent it back as he or she will need it NOW!



What type/shape should we get, it all depends on……..YOU. Not him or her. To be honest, they are happy with everything you’re doing for them, they don’t need a bed to be with and protect you, to just feel you.



Let’s take a look at this here. what do you think?





would you like to have something like this for your loved one?




What material – it should be enough and sufficient padded.


That’s right! VERY! Not that they take into consideration this aspect but …..think like this: would you like to sleep in a bed with a very rough material, non-padded,  very old and with the deformable mattress and uncaring one?




pet bed



 Here is your Warm Fluffy Pet Beds, Washable with Calming attributes






Are there any specific needs?  Is your pet shy or nervous, has aches, pains or joint problems which might benefit from an orthopaedic or memory foam as this







or this super Soft, warm and Breathable Bed for any kind of pet






My honest recommendation and suggestions are to not look away when they have any special needs just because we considered this or that product expensive, to look ahead for the foam quality, comfortable, breathing, not sweating mattress and mostly waterproof.




In Brief



 Overall, to break down the manufacturer production of beds not all are suitable and price value. It is true that you can go to Lidl, Aldi, Walmart, Tesco or Morrissons or whatever pets corner shop you see in your way to find and buy any pet beds. Yes, but with what price! Customer service will just try to sell their products no matter how insisting on their wonderful quality.


But the real value and for the real needs, you just can not go with the flow and get everything!


No SIR/Ma’am, you can not do this! Put yourself in his/her furry’s place.


Would you like to sleep in a poorly, awful quality bed, with matters which after 2-3 times is same with the floor?


I don’t think so!


We are in the 21s century and we are definitely paying for the quality. This saying all, do you agree?






I would love to hear and read your comments, or if you have any feedback. Please let me know what you think down below, here or at

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2 Replies to “Decent Pandemic Supplies”

  1. Thanks for sharing these thoughts on dog beds.

    I think that we often forget who we are actually getting the bed for, but you have certainly reminded me.

    It is important to get your dog a comfortable bed to sleep in, as they generally spend a lot of time in it.  And if it isn’t comfortable then they won’t.  Instead they will be looking to get into your bed!

    Plenty to think about here and options to choose from.

    1. Hiya and thank you again Geoff for your lovely comments. You quite right in here but now also is taken into consideration also the education I believe. Although this is nothing to do with when they always do what they want and, of course, always get what they want. Bcs they are our babies naturally!.

      PS. While we haven’t looked back and got a very nice, soft& supposedly calming bed for him this one among others you won’t believe where he’s sleeping most of the night! …………..all over the room.

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