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Have you ever wondered how it is to be the best…. it is a bit impossible?
I would say NO! Because YOU, yes you, are better than this flesh&blood called by humanity, body.
Is well known that we all try to eat fresh healthy food, as regularly as we can. But in lockdown, it’s quite probable not to follow healthy habits. Why? Because temptation is all around at every corner, what’s worst….. visually.
So, let’s say you establish a daily routine. Wake up, go to the bathroom to freshen up. Get dressed or not, and have healthy breakfasts. If you have a pet maybe you go out and walk him before breakfast.  You may want to have a half-hour rest in order for the body to digest the breakfast. Then do your routine exercise, something which you are very passionate about it. Yoga, or fitness, or pilates, or combined. You have to be persistent.
You have to command the body what to do. By practising regularly exercises with your pet of course you enhance the well-being of the mind and spirit. 15-45minutes should be enough. Hydrate yourself if you feel. Sweating is a good sign that exercises are working.
Check this here
and also this amazing book of David.D.Burns Feeling great
When you start to smile and feel energizing from the inside out this is the sign that you’re ready for the day.  For the rest of your day. Even for just half of the day you’ll be revigorated, energized, full of joyful spirit, and invincible against the nocive world.
To summarise
YOU can have the body you want even if the outside doesn’t compare to the likes of  Miley Cyrus’s new image. All you need and want is up to your will, your desire. Check this out here
How you feel inside will be a reflection on your outside.
Keep this for good.
To your wellbeing always
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