The kind of cats we’re learning about here are domesticated cats. The cats that are in your home, in your neighbourhood, or often on the screen of a home school.


Did you know that the Sphinx cats have no fur? Their skin is warm to the touch and they are often on the lookout for warm sources because heat can easily escape their bodies.


Just don’t confuse with the Sphinx, a mythological creature that was celebrated in ancient civilizations like Egypt and Greece. With the Sfinks cat, the type of cat that doesn’t have fur,  the creature from mythology as the letter I in the middle of it.


While the sphinx cat has the letter Y in the middle of it, plus Sphinks cats are real the mythological strings.


So, cats are small mammals except for Spinks. Cats sleep about 14 hours a day and they love to sleep and it is helpful to them because it allows them to save up energy for when they need it.

 Lang and hunting for small creatures can take a lot out of.



Baby cats called kittens,  sleep even more than the average cat, kitten sleep about 20 hours a day, which means kittens are only awake four hours a day. That’s it but they pack a lot of fun and excitement in those four hours.


 Cats have full night vision, pretty amazing that cats can see even when there is very little light, they can see much better in the dark. Cats can be such great hunters at night. If you have a cat at home and you hear that cat moving around at night who knows what adventures your cat is having in the darkness while you sleep!


Cats not only have great night vision they also can hear and smell better than humans can. Did you know that cats lick their coats to keep themselves clean? They can spend hours cleaning themselves but is not known exactly why cleanliness is so important for them.


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Here’s something to make you smile and understand how magnificent are these creatures, Cats.

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