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Grooming Pet Support health benefits?


Never end benefits?




First of all, I think that people do not realize how basic responsibilities we have to our furry family member to prevent some of the things from happening.


An example is preventing the nail from growing longer which can change the skeleton structures, those ears infections, the dental tartar really change the life of a pet. If we as an owner or friends or Mom or Dad, whatever we call ourselves don’t maintain their health and well being!

A clean pet with untangled hair is a super playful, happy amazing fluffy companion, friend, and family member.


YES, there are a lot of benefits, for instance: the relief of not getting fleas, ticks, skin rashes, problems etc.


Undoubtedly it can be seen when a coat is very well maintained, health and well being for your furry one when you are taking care of the coat.


Prevalence of health and wellness as humans are not educated to take care of animals as a whole.




A. Health detection of any skin issues



The skin act as a barometer of your pet’s general state of health. In general a dog’s skin is either black or pink, depending on the pigments common to your breed. Regardless of skin colour it should be smooth.




pet chewing

Have you seen your pet chewing its paws and scratching its belly, flanks and ears? Skin allergies are among the most reported skin conditions for dogs, cats & all animals. Their remedies vary depending on the stimulant.


There are just a few various symptoms of a pet skin concerns:


– skin sores

– dried skin

– rashes

– lamps

– redness


– bumps

– hair loss

– ringworm

– allergic dermatitis



pet skin issues

Skin allergies pose the risk of bacterial infection and hair loss as animals continue to scratch, bite and lick at their wounds.


Allergic dermatitis is a misguided reaction by the immune system to a stimulant, many substances can serve as allergens and these can be: flea saliva. Common dog food ingredients as corn, beef dairy products, soy, wheat, gluten, environmental irritants like dust, mould, pollen and household chemicals.


How to treat them?



pet treatment

Eliminate Problematic Food Ingredients:


A change in diet would be the best thing to treat allergies that may have been caused by food ingredients.


Putting your pooch in a food trial can help rule out possible food allergens – give your pet FISH OIL which contains Omega 3 fatty acids that promote skin and a healthy coat.


Demodectic mange is caused by MITES in the dog skin leaving the dog with a red, itchy skin infection. An impaired immune system can cause mites to increase rapidly.



demodectic mange

Although are many topical products designed to address, this disease is treatable just by the experts so seek professional healing in order to treat this condition. Sometimes it requires an aggressive treatment using special shampoos, medicated bath and antibiotic therapy. The treatment may take a long time and a regular vet appointment to achieve success.


Ringworm is not a worm. It is a fungus that earned its name because of its appearance. This fungus thrives in the outermost layer of the skin and deep in the hair follicles of infected dogs. While the infection is superficial it is itchy and contagious.


How to treat this?




Take and seek expert advice, apply diluted essential oils that have anti-fungal properties like oil of oregano, lemongrass and neem oil that can help ringworm wounds from spreading. But because these oils are concentrated you need to dilute 3 drops of each oil in a teaspoon of carrier oil.

Hot spots -knowing as acute moist dermatitis is an immune-mediated response of the skin. This condition is characterized by red, moist, irritated lesions that sometimes ooze with pus. Many pets exacerbate the development of these lesions by thrust self-trauma through excessive bitting and itching. This can be caused by an allergic reaction, flea bite, poor grooming, stress or an underlying disease.

 . Hotspot

In special long-haired and double-coated breeds are most often affected. The treatment is quite simple: cut the hair around the infected area which prevent matting and helps minimize the spread of bacteria, apply calendula salve which promotes wound healing but doesn’t reduce inflammation, promote fat relief from itch and irritation and it is safe even when your pet lick it.




B. Which kind of clipper should be the best to use




poet clipper

If you can not maintain a regular brushing then maybe grooming will be a bit more relaxing for you. But this is not a solution to take care of.


When I started grooming at home the attachment I’ve used were the smallest and I’ve started with the number 3. Hence, I stabilize and groom it with a no 6 as was more smooth and much more uniform than the bigger number. 



pet clipper

The tricks are why and when you should use the home attachment in a certain area.

Certainly we should ask ourselves about which type my pet is. 


For instance, if he has long hair we should use a grooming clipper with a bigger attachment size 9 or 12.



pet clip

If the pet has short hair we shall not use the bugger attachment no9 but the shorter one because the bigger ones are for cutting just the tip of the iceberg but not to make the hair shorter.


To go and become a good groomer or, finding a good groomer is not a decision based on the price but I think you really don’t understand what you’re paying for you are paying for.


Someone who’s knowledgeable, organized and structured well in all his businesses is what you have to look at, so the cheapest is not always the best!


Increased sociability as grooming becomes a positive experience is so easy because both human and animal get involved in this.




C. Be aware Of the Fleas, Ticks and Mites and Lyme Disease






Among others, the most common parasites we’ve found it everywhere is the ringworm, fleas, ticks, mites, tapeworms, whipworms and not to forget spirochetes and giardia.

Did you know How to Get rid of Fleas?



How to Get rid of Fleas?

To be the best proactive “parent/owner/caretaker” several over the counter fleas treatments are available to keep these annoying and life-threatening pets away. But if you are prone to chemical-based treatments there are also home remedies for fleas as Bayer collar.


Also, good to mention is the pipettes which the majority of humans use for the protection of their own pets. Pipettes called also the “spots-on” are a parasitic treatment absorbed through the skin and gets into the bloodstream where is distributed everywhere in the body.


Known under the names as Advantix here with the active ingredient Imidacloprid (or ermethrin/pyriproxyfen), Frontline for dogs and cats here, Ridaflea indicated and recommended by all the vets because are effective and eliminate fleas ticks and lice for almost 8 weeks. You can check also my other article here for antiparasite products.


On the other hand, as we are in the 2021 century there are also tablets against pets pests, as Capstar but because we haven’t tried yet I can’t recommend as much as veterinarians. The names can be a variety from Afoxolaner to Nitenpyram but it all depends on the producer/supplier.







Did you know that people as animals can catch Lyme disease?



lyme disease

Yes, we can do so!

All can we do is to be very careful when we meet and approach other dogs with owners, look for surroundings in the grass and everywhere where your animals are prone to get this awful disease.


Although humans are doing everything in their power to maintain the health and well being of their pets, a moment of inattention can put the life of your loved one at risk.


Being alert and vigilant at all times, taking care and relying on your senses and also professional advice can save your life and your pets life forever.



Please feel free to leave any comments if you like or any suggestions…




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13 Replies to “Benefits of regular Pet Grooming?”

  1. I agree that it’s important to take good care of grooming. It’s important for people and important for pets. 

    People should also be cautioned that not all pets need haircuts — in fact, it can be more harmful to shave some pets than it is to leave their fur on. I mention this because a friend recently shaved a pet that they should not have. Hopefully, they can protect their pet’s delicate skin while the fur grows back, but it would have been better if they’d have done research first.

  2. I was very interested in all you had to say I myself have a Manchester terrier, her Name is Bella she does carry ear mites no matter what we do why does she have this problem so bad and all the other dogs in my life didn’t have this issue.

    And she suffers in the summer with scratchy hindquarters, so indeed I have an interest are you a professional groomer because you, my friend are very knowledgable on these points of Dog care 

    And I’m very thankful of reading you’re article thank you very much.

    Bill Wright 

    1. Hi Bill, thank you. You are so kind, no I am not a professional groomer just an awful pets lover, I will kill for them… this is me.  Please be very careful with their care, I wish I can save them all.

      Thank you again and blessings to you!

  3. Very interesting article. Of course I knew how that grooming is very important part of taking care of dog, but I had no idea how many diseases connected to skin animals may have. This is very useful, and I definitely will look closer into It to make sure my pet is healthy and happy. Also your advices regarding clipper will be very useful, do you have any specific model you recommend for large dog?

  4. Good day, I am pleased to meet you. Well, I keep dogs and I have always thought that for their well-being, I should keep them clean and feed them properly. For fleas, ticks and other pests, I use some insecticide called karbadust. I have learned a lot from the information you shared, including the home remedy for fleas. This is helpful.

  5. Thanks for bringing us this very useful information about how to look after our dogs.

    I think that looking after a dog is no different than looking after a small child, or baby.  They cannot tell us when something is wrong, so we need to be able to see for ourselves and to attend to it.  

    At least we can get annual vaccinations and treatments so that many of the issues can be prevented, rather than having to deal with them down the line.

    It is important to keep your dog clean and groomed.  It is essential to use proper shampoos, so as not to dry out their skin and cause problems.  I did buy clippers and tried to groom my king Charles a couple of times, but I found that it was much easier just to take them to a salon lol.

  6. Hey there, thanks for this article. I realized that high temperatures can overwhelm my pet and the best solution is a good haircut. In addition, during the winter my dog accumulates hair to protect itself against the cold. This hair, once the good weather arrives, can be annoying, and cutting it helps him a lot.

    1. Hi Ann you are perfectly right. It is well known that pets have 3 layers of skin, experts said, which protect them against microbes bacteria etc. If you grow a pet is for his well-being benefits . Nevertheless a groomed pet signify that the owner or parents really take good care of him

  7. The part of your article that mentioned things like ticks and fleas and how grooming can detect them early really helped to read. The last thing I want is to be oblivious to my cat having a flea problem and I end up leaving it in discomfort for a long time. I’ll make sure I look for a cat groomer in the area that I can regularly take my cat to so we can stay on top of its hygiene.

    1. I am really happy that ☺you find this helpful. There is no such thing that we as pet owners can not do what a pet groomer can do. Ofc they have lots of experience but never is too late. Thank you for your comment

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