Embracing Techs for Pets 






A new sports medicine for every little brain



What can be so magnificent than a new toy, a new food, new clothes, a new home, a new car, new dishes, new sports medicine for a little intelligent brain it continues growing with the same extraordinary parents!


Nonetheless, you want to get involved in all his/her activities but we, as humans or should I say, some of us, are made to go to work. In this way, our loyal and super furry family members will not get enough support. Never! That’s for sure.


 They wish you could stay and play from 5 am till dawn and obviously never get tired from their point of view. What’s the best part of this? You’ll get some exercise and they will love you until the end of time!


Let’s get some ideas of how to entertain our small unmeasurable furry family members.




1. Petcube Play 




Is he/her getting bored often been left alone at home? Yeaaaahhhhhhhhhhh of course. Believe it or not, here’s the solution. Everywhere on the market, the internet is running out loud because evidence shows that in this 21 century more babies are born who need protection, love, caring and surveilance.


But, here’s come the thing! 


Some brilliant minds, like Alex Neskin the founder of PetCube for the love of animals and because they deserve to not suffer being left alone invented this amazing camera just for pets. But is NOT just a camera!




pet cube

This one has a communicative build-in program, is coming with a free security camera app where you can see everything through your phone compatible with most android and Iphones.


The most fantastic super thing about this camera is that is a remote-controlled laser pointer. Can you believe that? Take a look at this and let me know.


If your loved ones are like mine, crying and barking while being left alone then this one definitely should be the first choice. As the inventor states through this camera you are able to play with your pet directly by a web interface that distract him/her from been anxious, stressed, nervous and the worst separation anxiety as is connected with your phone.


PS. We’ve got one like this! 






2.SKYMEE Owl Robot



Though a product a bit above our budget, this pet gadget can deepen relationships between the pets and their parents with their furry and when they’re away from home. 



owl robot



Owl robot is an all-in-one solution for lonely and naughty pets because:


a. is a camera with a treat dispenser toy 

b. it has two-way audio, grant you access to talk with your pets.
c. fun treat dispenser

d. a mobile interactive app that allows you to see and connect with it

you can get your from here






3. NIYPS HD 1080P


With an unbeatable design, the most affordable camera for our beloved ones comes with removable brackets allowing you to position it even on the wall, has night vision, motion detection.


Just connect the camera to the power supply, download the app by following step by step instructions and everything is good to go. To let you know is that this super gadget needs a 2.4G broadband wifi connection.


With an amazing sound, voice connection and its speaker loud enough to stop any pets from being naughty what else you can wish for? You can get yours here


4. iFetch ball launcher




What can be more helpful for your furry family member than have fun by himself, with you at first showing him? Or maybe you prefer an anxious pet that would destroy the apartment/home when you are at work?


Don’t you want to keep your pet active, alert and happy then definitely you have to get this








5. Cheerble Board Game – Keep your cat happy



A must-have this unique gadget can not be replaced by any replica.




6. Furbo interactive dog camera -smart dog technology



With an amazing rating of 19.999, this camera is great fun, good quality, a really wide-angle and starts also recording. With the night vision and barking alerts, are definitely designed for pets. The amazing thing is that works with Amazon Alexa.


It will a great idea to play remotely by tossing treats to your pets via app






He or she will get nuts and sit and stare at it for hours hoping more treats will fly out. 


Although the price seems a little over the budget, you’ll have no worries that your pets are okay. especially when it can double as a security camera as it has a night mode, I deeply believe that it is worth the money!



7.  Smart water fountain





Ohhhhhhhhh you definitely need to have this. 

The smart water marvelous water fountain runs is BPA free, easy to operate & clean and it will definitely drive your pets crazy. You don’t have to change the filter dispenser often because it is made with coconut shell and activated carbon and is good enough to last 3-4 weeks.

This fountain is a super silent pump that barely makes a noise compared with others. It comes with a capacity of 3L/101 oz and all I can say is that your pet won’t’ have an issue drinking from it. The most amazing thing is that it operates in 2 modes:  flower waterfall and gentle fountain – each mode meets various pets’ needs. 


Most of all this fountain has a LED bright light on one side which for the curiosity of our pets is saying a lot.







Ideas, money budgeting, our unmeasurable and uncomparable family furry members all come from the inside soul.  It all depends on how you’ve been raised, how you have been educated to respect and care for anything not just for humans – although, in my opinion, you should be caring for animals as you care for your own flesh & blood!


Give them the inside feeling that they are loved, are care and treated equally as human been – I know not always can be the same because sometimes they are very naughty and we have to educate them to not repeat the mistake but. It is always a but, of course!


Let’s try to give them what we want to receive despite that their love for you is way above yours, is way above death!

If you have any opinion about this post or any unclarified question please feel free to leave any comments below, at ctsp@petssanctuary.com



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  1. I never thought about robots, but these are absolutely the perfect solution to help with our pets anxiety.  The two way communication is great you can speak to them to help calm them this is great.  I really like the owl, dropping treats to them when they behave.  Now, you can keep up with training through out the day.   Have a great day.

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