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·       Lifespan:   18 -25 years but this depends on the owner



·         Origin:  a wild species of cattle from ancient Eurasia when they were first domesticated, 8000-10.000 years ago.








1. Bos taurus macroceros primigenius (with long horn);

2. Bos taurus brachyceros (with short horns);

3. Bos taurus akeratos (without horn).




·         Colours: white, black with white, brown, black,


·         Weight: from 550 – 650kg, Bull= 900-1000kg



·         Reproduction: Gestation lasts 9 months (365 days). The calf sucks colostrum after birth rich in vitamins, minerals and antibodies. The calf is breastfeeding until they reach 3 months then he’s weaned.



·         Food: They love to eat fresh grass. What they actually adore is hay and corns.








On a daily basis a cow drinks approximately 113 litres of water and eats around 43 kilograms of feed.


Annually Milk record is  10.000 litres per cow head.


All over the world, they are around 800 breeds of cow.


Because cows do not see in the front or in their back they have to turn the head to look, the visual range is 360 grade.


A cow eats 8 hours a day and chews 40-50 times a minute.


Annually cows produce around 10 tonnes of manure which is a great natural fertilizer, also producers of methane gas.



The most famous breeds are




Jersey with a waist of 122-125cm, weight 400-450 kg, brown colour and annual milk production is around 4000-4500 litres



Friza (Holstein, Dotted in Black), with a waist of  129 – 137 cm, the weight of 500- 600 kg, colour: dotted in black or black or black with white, annual milk production is around 6000 – 6500 litres.






Here’s something to make you smile and understand how magnificent are these creatures, Cows.






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