What if I would tell you that over the years I have found the best anti-parasite product?


Naaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh cmon there is not such a thing!


Obviously, you won’t believe me. Why would you believe me when all over the internet are pages full of these products! But how many are genuine article and how many are fake?


I know.


I am not a veterinarian or an expert in animal products but I can deeply cross my heart and I swear that this is the most powerful and truthful product against ticks and fleas.


Also, I would like to advise I know you already knew this, of course, you’ll say I ate all these things on breakfast, where those bags hide on your pets. Could hide also in humans hahahahahah nahhhhh just jokings.



Well, let’s start from the beginning.



From a very early age, we’ve started with this very super good advertising product: Advocate Neck Drops. They were saying that you can start using this from the seven weeks of birth. That is good for adult fleas, ear mites, fleas larva, hookworms, lice, roundworms, whipworms, demodicosis, sarcoptic mange and so on.


We’ve been using these ones until the bugs become very very strong. With times. As with everything on this planet from the soft and small insignificant thing, bugs become stronger and stronger and we had to look for something more powerful. Because one day, while we’ve been playing with all sorts of toys, and cuddling and touching we’ve found a small and dangerous …………tick.





That was the moment when you have decided that we have to change and look for the best of the best because, hey, we are talking about our family members life!


 After months and months of researching, after daily checks and disappointing we’ve finally found a, you won’t believe it, a collar.


Ohhhhh cmon man, not a collar you’ll comment but yeap, it is just a collar.


Not in a million years would a collar be very strong, to last for several months, to kill the most life-threatening bags!


However, we can certify that this one is perfectly good enough and the most powerful anti-parasite tool we have ever encounter, by these days. To be honest it’s been several years, more than 7 years since we are using to it and never had any issues.


I’ve just come across reading that even with this collar the ticks and fleas still can bite the pets because they can still have to ingest the substance from the collar in order to die. Or that is very dangerous for children and humans when they sleep with a dog who has attached this collar because of the Flumethrin, the substance on the collar as-is from a class of insecticides Hmmmmmm



  Although out there are some negative reviews about this collar we come over and, once again certify that by now, SERESTO formal FORESTO is the best anti-flea, the anti-tick collar on the market!


seresto cat

Seresto Dog Fea Collar control has strong control against bites from ticks and fleas. As is well knows their bites transmit all sort of diseases which can be very damaging and even fatal for pets.

The manufacturer, Bayer HealthCare Germany under their Animal Health Division strongly inform the owners that this collar will protect the dog from 7 to 8 months. As its active ingredients are released at a slower and strongly rate in this way is able to kill fleas and ticks over 8 months and keep the pets clean.


The active ingredients are Imidacloprid – 4.50g, Flumethrin  – 2.03g.


Beneficial is that has no odour, is water-resistant – however, we don’t recommend showering together with the collar.


It is sold without prescription mostly on veterinary sites, offices, online shops.


Our humble honest opinion is TO DO NOT RELY upon AND LOOK FOR THE CHEAPER, it is your family members life at Stake.





You are completely free to try and experiment. You can take yours here or here




If you have any feedback about this article that you have tried out or any questions except the ones that I have recommended, please feel free to leave any comments below or here!


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6 Replies to “Anti Parasite pet products?”

  1. I don’t own a furry pet that would run into parasite issues currently. But I really do want a dog and am looking to get one in the future. Any advice on how to take care of these pets is super helpful. I haven’t even considered the effects of parasites on pets such as dogs. I’ll make sure to get one of these collars when I get a dog to make sure it’s protected. Thank you for the post!

  2. Thank you for sharing this useful information with us. The spring season with us is about to begin and with it a tick rush. You should prepare and protect yourself and your pet in time. I like this proposal with the necklace. Our pet had a similar one before, but it wasn’t that effective. I think it’s time for a new one! I wish you many successes in your work!

    1. Hi Jas, Thank you for your comments. I believe the same, his/her life in our families depends on US.  How efficient are these products, just someone who passes through all the problems with ticks and fleas can say. All I can say is to be very careful with these products & wishing you much much luck within  WA and blessings. and please feel free to ask anything.

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