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How to Take Care of Your Pets by CT




Taking care of your pets has ancient roots, from the very prehistoric centuries to when the Neanderthal man discovered by killing animals for the first time that the meat was eatable and later on, domesticated them in order to be able to benefit from.


National Geographic states that around 10.000 years ago in Southeast Asia, the first domesticated animals like sheep and goats were discovered. Later on cows, horses and dogs.

Do you really know what is the most important thing in your pets life? I bet you’ll moan “yeah yeah yeah of course I know”. Well, I am here not to educate, not to criticize what you are doing or you haven’t done yet but to remind you what matters most in his/her/their life so bad.

On the other hand, you need to be able to communicate with your pet properly for their need. For instance, when they start to, let’s say, bark and bark never stop, that means they/the pet try to communicate with you but in a nervous way. If after a lot of times you don’t put a stop to it they’ll get stuck in this state of mind of barking and then you become so annoyed as to why they bark so much. In that case, your energy is going to reflect on how they react.


Well, what you are going to do in this case?






1. Proper diet/food and fresh water




Let’s start with the beginning.

So you have animals. A lot of them. It doesn’t matter which pet you have in your household you have to treat them the same.


Ohhhh cmon how’s that?



Pay attention to this:

All souls deserve to be respected and treated as you treat your own flesh & blood with trust, empathy, sympathy, love, caring, compassion, respect, and politeness.




I deeply believe and highly recommend good and high-quality food if you really want to have beside you a beautiful and unconditional love soul forever.


In this way you have to look over their health, it is all about this. On the other hand, if the pets have or had in the past some hidden illness like diabetes, heart & skin problems, stomach, kidney problems or even with bladder we do have to keep this in mind and take it into consideration.

In my last article, I have written down some of the best pets product you can review here.




2. Hygienic Environment



How much do you try to keep the house clean? Just because you have guests or you want to sell the house you will clean the house. Isn’t it? Above all the house is like the mirror of your self. As much pain, suffering and tears all of this are reflected on your furry family pet.

house clean




3. Pet-vaccination

The most important step in pets life as in ours is to be safe it can get out there without catching any fleas, tick or Lyme disease.

NO matter what kind of pets you have, to make sure this would be possible first we have to get in touch with a veterinarian to advise and administer the vaccine.


Vaccines, tablets, suppositories and other supplements are needed as to their small amazing body structure as sensitive can be to not catch any disease.



vet vaccin




4. Engage & Playing time




Okay, you have to procure instruments, toys, and equipment to engage them with you to the first stage. This is not so difficult to do as we all have the “child inside” us and we’re willing to do anything to get out of this horrible day to day life.



play time


5. Keep off/leave behind for a long haul



Yes, of course, this is very easy to comment but you can not take your pet into the supermarket even the one on the street corner


I do but if I have a cat. So? You can walk this one too you know that.


Before leaving your pet alone for an extended period we should take him/her for a good long walk, play with them as much as we can. The bad thing is if they already suffer from separation anxiety. Ohhhhhh boy…………..what can we do………


The last resort which I personally recommend is that vets do not so much as it is not legal in every country and have problems in prescribing. They are calming & relaxing tablets, all are from a natural plant, cannabis!


CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is taken from cannabis. Unlike marijuana though, CBD oil doesn’t contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is toxic to animals.


Although is not 100% certainly some studies show that it could be beneficial to treat conditions like separation anxiety, arthritis, pain, cancer.

Veterinarians are often asked to prescribe these tablets but as I’ve mentioned in some states/countries they are quite reticent because they risk of their license.


To Summarise


We are not talking and thinking from a psychiatrist perspective for compassionate listening between a husband and wife. NO.


In order to take good care of pets, no matter whether it is a parrot, cat, donkey, camel they all require our attention, respect, compassion, care and most of all, our unconditional love throughout their lives.

If you have any opinion about this article or any questions please feel free to leave any comments below or to this address ctsp@petssanctuaryctsp.com.


To your pet’s heart


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4 Replies to “How to Take Care of Your Pets”

  1. It is so important to be mindful of your pet and to take care of their needs.  As any pet-buyer should know beforehand, any kind of pet is going to be a huge responsibility, and you have to be ready to take that responsibility on.  I see a lot of pets who don’t get taken care of, and they become depressed and lonely – just because they are animals does not mean they can’t become depressed.  And I totally agree with your part about paying special attention to your pet before you have to leave home.  That’s just a great way to remind them that you love them.

    1. HI, YEAP This is a big deal in today century. Bcs they are made to be left and stay alone. As they come from wild animals the house pet will always suffer with this separation anxiety. As much as we try not to  this repercussion is in their blood stream.

  2. Thank you for this very informative article on how we should be taking care of our pets, I totally agree with every aspect of your article, I think the problem in today’s life is also that people love the idea of having pets and only realize what a big responsibility it is to actually take care of them. Our pets are dependent on us to live a normal happy life, this article will assist others in realizing what they are signing up for before deciding to get pets.

    1. Hi, yes Jean I believe so hard that any kind of pet we mY have is a heavy way duty for the rest of your life &his;/hers/them. And we should taking care of them as we do for ourselves. Ty for your comments

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