Mental Health Benefits for Owning a Pet, it is a good idea?
What’re the benefits of owning
a pet for Mental health 
In perspective, your life will change dramatically when you own a pet. Because the stress level will go down and the priorities are different. Your personal and professional relationships will turn on.
I can tell you that, for me, he makes me laugh and smile multiple times a day. Every single day.

1.  The best thing in our lives

best thing
How many of us grow up with a pet or have one pet right now? I know, I know, I can feel up there a lot of individuals you’re shaking the heads.
Research has shown that there is a link between recognizing the importance of the bond between humans and animals.
The need for a change, really? How?
Life-changing gift a puppy?
It is wise to consult a veterinarian about the most appropriate type of pet for a given situation so that you can achieve great health benefits from the mental health of having a pet. 
 I’ve done it and deeply recommend it, I LISTEN TO MY HEART! 

2. Powerful bond  

anomal bond
Researchers by Christopher (2011) have shown that and are recognizing the importance of this human-animal bond on the health and well-being of the individual, family, and community. 
The researchers pointed of turn to this phenomenon in the book Zooeyia which is all about animal health. The human-animal bond the positive health benefits for the social, emotional, mental, or psychological for people who have a pet or interact with one.
The power and importance of the human-animal bond are just stronger than ever regardless of age or mental health capacity.
Just showing that the health benefits of dog ownership can help to support animal assistance therapy, for example, recuperation in the elderly or those in hospital. 
Studies have shown that dogs have positive support, there are plenty of facilities that are willing to pay for animals to be used in therapy there may be more that are open to allowing dogs to come through their doors.
There has been some research done that has found for example after interacting with a dog, a hormone that causes stress can be reduced in turn helping people to relax.

3. Motivate and promote physical activity

A lot of research and studies look into the idea and suggest that for instance, a dog can actually motivate their owners to perform physical activities. 
So for instance get home from work and your pet jump on your legs to take him for a walk. You are probably more likely to do that than to just go home and then go walking by yourself.
Dogs also can act as a social catalysts. For example, if you are walking down the street with a dog someone is more likely to approach you to say Hello compared to if you were walking alone, isn’t it? The new connections also improve the owner’s well-being though.
All we can do is encourage authorities, health care professionals, the public, governmental agencies, and health insurance providers to understand accept and embrace the power of the human-animal bond.
There are substantial researches documented up there that include some physiological evidence including hormonal changes, decreases in stress, blood pressure, improvement in weight loss, and decreases in cholesterol and triglycerides among other health benefits.

4. Autistic, Alzheimer’s, and Post-traumatic stress syndrome

Billions of dollars are spent each year in the healthcare sector when people are healthy and to improve their health it has been shown that animals are playing a vital role in the well-being and mental health of people of all ages.
Autistic spectrum disorder is actually a complex developmental disability that typically is manifested in childhood. Is characterized by the inability to communicate or interact socially with others.
 In the US, the Centres for Control and Disease has estimated that the prevalence of this has increased in 1 in 68 birth in girls and 1 in 64 birth in boys.
On the other hand, research for people that have Alzheimer’s and Dementia are remarkably similar. 
For instance, just in the US, nearly 5.5 million people have Alzheimer’s. In the UK the prevalence is over 1 million by the end of 2021 and all over the planet is estimated around 50 million already have Alzheimer’s and it’s increasing every year, and 10’s millions more have other forms of dementia. 
So……….how an animals or pets help these individuals?
They serve as a companion, dogs are naturally born listeners and can provide positive non-verbal feedback and communication. 
It is well known that an animal of any kind, has been shown to decrease anxiety and agitated, and aggressive behavior.
Post-traumatic stress syndrome or PTSD is a psychiatric disorder that following that witnessing or experiencing a life-threatening or traumatic event. whether that be combat in a war zone, a serious accident,  a natural disaster, a terrorist attack, or physical or sexual assault. 
Post-traumatic stress syndrome
Nearly 8% of individuals all over the planet will deal with PTSD during their lifetime. 


Fortunately, it is been shown that even brief interaction with these pets can have the same positive mental benefits. 
So, therefore, seek out opportunities and activities where you can interact with the pet or animal, perhaps you volunteer for the local shelter or walk a dog or maybe you just go visit your friend and family who have a pet. Creating the furry connection is everything that we all need.
If you have a pet and you are not asking about the medical history, take the time to tell the vet about the pet or the important role he or she or they are playing in your life when you are visiting and asking for medical advice.
Remember the unmeasurable power of the pet!


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11 Replies to “Mental Health Benefits”

  1. Hello Angel, thank you so much for this article. I love pets. We always had one. We even circumnavigate the world with Susi, our little rescued dog from Hungary. Now, we have four cats. It is funny to see, they have all different characters, and we love them all. After the death of Susi, we couldn’t have pets anymore for a while. But we went to dog sitting in Spain. There we could enjoy ourselves but not too close.
    Pets are a muss for everybody. Life is better with pets.

    1. Hi Monique, thank you so very much for your super words. Yes, you right I really don’t know how my world will be without but I can’t even want to talk ab this. He is my soul, my bodyguard my everything, I never ever can imagine the world without pets. More I was thinking to get him an adopted sister but bcs we are rented right now we can’t afford this.TY. PS.We’ve applied for Awin, let’s see what they are saying. thank you and have a lovely week.

  2. What a lovely article!
    It is amazing what having a pet around can do for you.

    Years ago, we had Sooty, an all black cat. It was such a great comfort having her sat on your lap, just happy to be there. And like a hot water bottle in winter, too!

    Animals are totally non-judgemental, and give you unconditional love. This can help greatly in times of stress.

    It is a scary thought that 8% of people will suffer PTSD in their lifetime, but reassuring that there are ways to combat this, even if they have a pet, themselves.

    Thanks for sharing this.

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