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Life of a BUDGIE


Would you believe that such a small creature with a tiny-miny brain could be so so fantastic brilliant, full of love and addicted to their pear? A quick overview


According to researchers, the real name is budgerigar which comes from the Greek word Melopsittacus Ulutus although they’ve stated the origins are still unclear.

  •  5 -15 years but the lifespans have been reported as 15-20 years.

     Nevertheless, this depends on the breed, lineage, and health, being highly influenced by exercise and diet

  • Originality: Australia

  • They love to be in collectivity and because they alert each other, the rate of survival is high

  • The Female have a shiny green colour

  • Most of the Male has bright royal blue cere and use their beauty to conquer the female

  • Reproduction: Females lay from 1 to 6 eggs and the baby birds hatch out after 20 days. Mother’s feed them until they are 3 months old. When they reach this maturity, baby birds are able to leave the nest and form a family by themself

  • Food: All sorts of seeds and grass. Occasionally, young shoots and berries. When they are very hungry they can eat small insects

  • Autoconservation:  they are constantly in motion as in the wild they have to move to not get caught

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