Hi guys. Because I forget to mention some details in my previous article, which you can find here, it is my great pleasure to come back and enumerate these individual features. The best way how to find KEYWORDS for a website.

The platform where to find and search for any keywords is called Jaaxy.com and is pretty simple to navigate through.



Here is a straightforward tool to access the very best keywords and niches research suite in the world.

In Jaaxy you can find and search for the unimaginable niche, or idea or what you are passionate for and you have in the mind. Everything from the

  • keyword research

  • finding keywords

  • getting rankings

  • SEO tools

  • determining site rank (where you will be ranked in Google)

  • finding affiliate programs

  • keyword lists

  • certain types of keywords

From the Keyword Research Tools to SEO and PPC campaign you will find that this platform is more than a”pathway” in your life. It is an uncovered business with more than a billion online niches with a powerful tool that will do the dirty work for you.


Ohhhhhhh really cmon, get serious you’ll say! Is that so?


I have to be honest and I swear that it is only true I’ve seen and read about. However there is more than having access to the Brainstorm, Affiliate Search, and Alphabet Soup platforms but inside Jaaxy you are going to find the truth from the very scratch brand new niches…without looking somewhere else.

These are just some thoughts that you can take into consideration. If you want obviously.

I have to admit that through time, learning and experience, I have discovered that the best affiliate marketing program is undoubtedly WA (Wealthy Affiliate) and I deeply recommend it as a training platform from scratch to make money online. The best tools for SEO.

If you have any feedback about the Jaaxy platform that you have tried out or any questions except the ones that I have recommended, please feel free to leave any comments below or here!

I would love to hear and read your comments, thoughts and experiences relating to the Jaaxy platform. Please let me know what you think. Keep in mind that sharing is caring.


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