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 In this article, we’re gonna talk about how we are feeding our pets. So here we have a full house of carnivore household and we also are self-eating carnivore diet and we feed our pets also with raw carnivore diet.

We’re in no way experts but we do believe that a carnivore diet is a species-appropriate diet for canines. Just like in the human food industries that are trying to convince us that we need vegetable oil, we need grains and this is healthy. But are not!


The same things happen in the pets food industry that tried to make to believe that pets need kibble, need grains, need, need plants. Absolutely, need plants but out there are a few natural options and survival food.

Today we are gonna talk about 2 approaches. Why?

1. Because is easy


 2. cost-effective for us, humans

# 1: Full  Approach

Pets are like our children. Our dogs are basically our kids and they have been next to us entire life when I saw this and wanna break the bank for our pet food.

But chicken necks can be a game server so these are usually a dollar 97 pound and they also do duck necks. so these are I just went pulled out my freezer is pulled out some stuff that we have


The things to feeding your pet raw take a little bit more planning. If I’ll be a busy person you can just get dehydrated raw food is not nearly as good and healthy in my opinion. You see with the raw food it’s really good for their teeth because actually had to chew this they can’t just swallow it whole so I don’t brush my dog’s teeth and when I go to the vet ones in the year, said, wow, your dog teeth are pretty good what o you do. I said I don’t brush my dog’s teeth so often like ones in the year just give him the raw food and because they are chewing through the duck’s necks and chicken.

For instance around thanksgiving time in Christmas time, there is a tonne of Turkey necks at the grocery store or Whole Foods natural dogs. Go back there like a week or 2 before thanksgiving and request to get a box of turkey/ducks or chicken necks. You are gonna get this for a bargain, I am telling you this because we are doing like this, and put them in the freezer. Your pets love them like hell especially these Turkey necks are huge as you know turkeys have long necks and they are heavy as well.

The organs are really good for your pets as well

Well, things are really good for your pets as well this is just what we happen to have kidney. We do get heart

We’ve tried to change to not give him all the time from the same animal. So we go from chicken necks to duck necks food, turkey necks. then we do some organs So, we do some leftover raw food. Alternate, not every day the same, ok?

# 2: How Much

The natural question that comes up is how much do you feed your pets.

I’m sure like with humans there is a recommended amount of protein that seems about right.  You know coz a lot of people are used to seeing overweight dogs. Believe it or not, the obesity epidemic is not limited to the human, the Homosapien, pets of all kinds dogs of all kinds are not obese.


My vet told me, the healthcare provider, want to see a little bit of ribs in your pets they don’t want them to just look massive. Dogs get arthritis as well as joint pain.  I like to keep my dogs lean but they’re very active as well. That’s why I give the amount of food I have I have a good idea to feed them raw for their entire life as now there are on the second stage of their life, 11 years old. So I have been taught and educated that when they look too skinny or just not right if we do a big high food depo I will double up on the food. Could I be more scientific about that? Yes.

I give you the best recommendations? No, probably not because out there are o  so many. You need to think clearly and tested with your own animal and figure out what’s gonna work for them!

Again, you can feed your pets like a raw keto diet if you want they do really well in this diet.

I did some comparison to other dogs, mine is really healthy despite his 11 years old are still alive and they’ve devoutly, healthy, joyful and full of life, exercising regularly & so on

Compared to family members and friends that have fed their dog with dog food like kibble, my dogs are still alive and they’ve outlived and they don’t have any disease or cancer, so please there is very little as we give him a good diet and good exercise and sun exposure.

There are some recommendations to links below and resources I do have. The thing is people don’t buy chicken necks and it’s not something that they normally buy.  The price is very affordable it’s much more to have to take these out of the freezer. You have to give it to him based on his/ her body weight. It’s a little bit messier so we are at the bottom of the barrel lowest absorbed. Your dog is probably gonna get a full nutrient repletion from just that raw meal you’ve prepared.

Like I said my dogs don’t have cancer, they don’t have diabetes, healthy and shinny skins and coats and ones you know going on 12 and the other one not much until getting him from behind. But vet bills become very expensive if you have to bring the pet to the vet so… it’s up to you what do you prefer…..


# 3 Eggs ????


The other thing that I forgot to mention is we do egg yolks as well;  we have backy eggs for calcium. Have you been feeding your dog with it?

Eggs are high in calories, high cholesterol and rich in fat so are really really good for our furry babies!

Getting a high content of calcium supplements the deficiency but raw eggs can be helpful; also ducks eggs as well. My friends I  will love to see what you feed your pets.

# 4 Addiction to raw


They are coming from wild animals so yes, they are supposed to eat RAW FOOD.



We forgot to mention that we have a backup of raw chicken, that we just get him because we are giving him frequently and we don’t have to worry that we can not diversification to him.

Keypoint to take away

# Think big and healthy and you can avoid damaging their soft bodies or mitigate or delay the very end of their life

#Consider investing in the best mince grinder for meat and bones. This investment will bring you the satisfaction of giving or feeding him/her with the best quality. Not to mention that what you have been feeding him is 1000% naturally.

#This is the mince grinder we have purchased

I  hope today you’ve learned and realised what’s the very best for you and how to treat your loved furry ones. I would love to know what you feed your pets please feel free to leave any comments below. Also, you can check the latest article here.

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5 Replies to “Raw Pet Food for our Carnivores”

  1. I had my dog since he was born (as his mother lived in the same house) until he died aged 15. He was a wippet cross. Basically a lurcher who looked like the simpsons dog. I always made a point of making sure he never got snobby with his food. Son when i sensed he would be getting fussy, he went back on a strict diet of dry food. But the rest of the time he got spoiled rotten. He’d normally get a big tin of dog food mixed with dry food each day. Then he’d get alkll my leftovers. Bits of stea,etc.

    We used to also check the butchers bins where he’s get whole racks of ribs. Yea, he got well spoiled he did.LOL

    Still wasnt an ounce fatter for it either. He could run fast though.

    1. Yeah well, you know mine is the same hi is eating so so much and never get fat. You can see a pinch of fat over his body just muscles. I love it.

      I’m happy you like the article please feel free to check the others here

  2. Hello, Thank you for this wonderful article and I love the way you explain the details for taking care of our pets and I like this word “Think big and healthy”. It is just two words but it has much meanings and We have to take care of our bodies and our loved animals. I hope this article finds it useful for people.

    1. Yes you are perfectly right! Just 2 words full of potential. We write this article for the love of our pets/animals, I am happy you love it too, please feel free to check the other articles here

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