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We are so excited about this topic and we want to take you through how to choose the right products.


>The grooming tools that you need to begin pampering your furry will cost you less than $1000 to start up.


That’s not a lot of investment and there are some items, tools, and products that you really actually need to get started. I’m going to talk about those specifically today and I’m going to show you where to get them and why you need them, and how to use them.

If you’re a groomer at home and you’re taking care of your pet you can eliminate at least about ten of those items and you can save pretty good money. Isn’t? You can get by eliminating a lot of things to produce a quality groom at home.

You don’t want to make the granddaddy investment upfront you got to see how it goes and as you start working with your tools.


# Pets are a huge part of our lives and it’s becoming more and more and more households. Now people have two, three dogs and it’s very common instead of 1. Maybe two, they have 3 maybe 4. I am going to guide you and help you find the best grooming products online that won’t break your budget, that’s important too.

As a home groomer, you want to buy good tools that will produce quality results but you don’t want to break the bank, you don’t need to break the bank. You’re gonna make some mistakes along the way, you’re going to drop some tools, you’re going to find out how to maintain your tools as you grew, as you move along. But most importantly we’re looking for stuff that produces quality results. All you need is a starter kit to get started that will allow you to groom any breed.



# Key Takeaway

> The grooming tools that will cost less than $1000


> Pets are a huge part of our lives


>Pet Grooming options



#1 Sheer. Purple Dragon Professional straight&curved


I’ve done a lot of research on sheer. I have a lot of shares myself this is a really wonderful starter sheer is made by 7′. I can’t say enough good things about it. I do really love them, they’re very well-balanced they’re not heavy in my hand they hold a good sharp edge for a lot longer than other sheers sink too. Whatever they’re doing they’re doing it right. You can see it here and get it from here

This is an 8-inch straight sheer summer you may say wow that seems like a big share well it’s kind of big I get it but listen here’s the thing once you start using it on dogs, in the beginning, you’re not going to do a lot of using but you will very soon not fancy-schmancy scissors but scissor you have to you’re going to be doing it if you’re using a 7 even a six or seven and sheer it’s really going to affect your scissor work.


For eg nice Moontay 7″ sheer I’d say is a great starter share because when you are ready to do some nice scissors to work you have that length of that. The shank on that blade is going to cover some ground for you but not too much, not enough that it’s hard to control your sheer. I just think of Moontay sheers. This is my opinion as a professional, there may be others that will tell you differently and rounded.



#2 Andis Pet Steel Comb


This comb is definitely one of the best on the market.

You’re going to find it a little awkward to work with as is a bit bulky. This comb is so affordable it’s terrible and also has both larger teeth and smaller teeth. The finer teeth as you can see which are important on a comb because you can just easily flip it around if you need it. Let’s say if trying to work pick out a piece of undercoat, it is detangling you’re gonna go for those teeth that are a little bit more spread apart.

Because it’s a little more for giving and it gets in there a little better. This is a good cone, it’s very affordable just it’s $9.94 or £6.95 with prime shipping, they do have two sizes. To be honest I have never ever used the small size always get the 10 inches. There is another one you can get

I see only that the very tip is fine or any specific reason for that versus half fine and half course sometimes you’ll see on certain comes it is half-and-half but for the most part. We are using the wider part of the comb mostly for scissor fluffing, even for detangling the fine teeth. We don’t use it as much as we should, only use it in more concentrated areas.

I think it was a very professional idea that they designed in this way.



#3 All Systems Brush


These clippers are kind of pretty flat, there’s not a lot of fancy around it.

For instance, for a Cocker spaniel size and larger size, you are going to get a large brush. For a shitzu schnauzer, you would probably go for the small brush.

The scissors are affordable as well as the brushes. These are good slicker brushes.

To be honest when I’ve start grooming I didn’t want to spend $70.00 on a brush. If you’re using a brush like this on very high maintenance, let’s say a doodle a lot of doodles which are in very high maintenance, the kimchi brush would be better.


#4 Nail Clipper. Millers Forge Stainless Steel


This is my favourite one.
As you can see it’s only a $5 trimmer. It’s nothing fancy, it doesn’t make my favourites.

HERE you can get yours


Made by Miller’s forge and they stay sharp for quite some. Absolutely you can use this on large breeds. The only time when you will need a different clipper is if your pet nail is almost bent into the pad. Then you have to have something that opens all the way up and gets around the nail.



#5 Remedy Recovery Professional Groomer’s Powder



We could get into trouble every now and then if we don’t have this

we will nick the quick of a dog I’m not talking about cutting deep into the quick you know but we get close and sometimes it’ll draw you’ll see a little blood to the surface you’ve gotta have septic powder on.

Is good to have this powder on hand, and It is also very affordable

In the past, I had a friend with a pug. This poor baby got his little nail stuck in, like the door jam. One day come into the house and spoke to him; when it happened he pulled his nails so hard then he ripped them and shattered them apart. It was awful looking and it was gushing, gushing blood. The first thing I did was I put a lot of pressure on it because that aseptic powder can burn little

Therefore, pressure on the bleeding then tight with a towel real tight he didn’t like as he was really upset and in pain as was gushing blood. I did doctor it up a little bit with septic but I was very sparing about how much I put on there because it was such a bad cut.

You have to keep it in the container to maintain, and keep the rest in the refrigerator where the climate will not change it will not allow it to get all clumpy


#6 Wahl Professional Animal KM102


This Clipper is very comfortable which is much much durable and you don’t have to replace any parts. The only thing maybe you want to replace is the cord that is a bit short. With this clipper just cut over and over again without any issue. This thing is so organically, so affordable and long-lasting clipper I have ever met. Here you can get yours, I promise you never regret it

This canine professional stand up to it, that’s my favourite Clipper. All about the same price around……

I deeply recommend and really like also a 2 speed Clipper where the clipper vibrate less, a little quieter which is very good for around the face


#7 TropiClean Shampoo and Coconut Shampoo



All shampoos are dilutable. They are biodegradable they are detergent-free soap-free they’re safe now there’s a lot of lots and lots of next dollars and 50 to cents prime. This is a really good one this is the deodorizing coconut things, is a gallon don’t forget to diluted: at 16 to 1 dilutable.

It is written down at the bottom of the shampoo that’s the ratio. Most all shampoos will have the ratio of their dilution on the bottle and you must follow that because if you’re not diluting your shampoo and conditioner you’re not getting the best out of the product! it’s made to be diluted, if you don’t dilute it will be clumpy and it won’t do its job right.


If it says it’s dilutable follow the instructions to dilute it I love that shampoo says classy canine clips there’s a good one I love all their products. If you are a couple that up with some conditioner this is something that must be you, the Kiwi coconut butter moisturizing conditioner and also dilutes 16 to one.


I recommend these ones as it’s very affordable $40 prime, free shipping, and it’s a gallon it’s going to last you quite a while.

Another amazing pet dry shampoo that we found &tested is

# 8 Wahl Foaming Pet Shampoo is the best alternative to bathing 

#9 Daewoo Pet Dryer  High Velocity


This little metro dryer it’s a very powerful not too whiny a motor that doesn’t hurt the dog’s ears as much as some other dryers. Yes it is $200 I get it if you’re grooming at home and you say heeeyyy but I promise you it is immeasurable.



Ending Up


I hope you’ve learned new pet features today, thank you for joining and reading, I love you, I hope you have a wonderful week! I hope you come back and see us with the next super awesome article we’re gonna be chitty chatty about some other great things too, see you next time.

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  1. Hi. What an interesting article on grooming products for pets.

    Me and my best friend adopted our dogs at the same time and we always try to give advice to each other and look for products together. Finally, I found your website, I’m glad you consider quality and price at the same time. I will get some of those for me and for my best friend!

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    1. I am really happy my article inspire you to take steps and considering the quality-price reasonable. You may want to check here another great article for pets products my dear

  2. Hi. I’m the Mom to a 4 year old ShihTzu, Murphy. I get him groomed every 5 weeks and he always looks wonderful. However, I’d like to do it myself as it is costly.

    Your review is catchy and by that I mean it not only caught my eye, it made me want to order several products. I would consider grouping a small bundle together for a first time pet owner.

    Your enthusiasm shined through. You took the time to delve into each item you discussed.

    Great review! I look forward to reading more.

    Lyn Rundberg

  3. Thank you very much for this post. It has been a nice read and I wanted to stop by and show my gratitude. This topic makes me excited too. And you have really left me thinking concerning the point about. shampoos being dilutable. Thank you for all these pet features. I would like to share this post with some of my friends and get to hear what they think too.

    1. Hi Ann, I am really glad you’ve liked the article. We’ve talked about the products that we have been tried and if we can make anyone else aware, why. 

  4. Its amazing just how big pet grooming has become. When i had my dog, he used to tremble if I tried ptting him anywhere near the bath or shower. Although, It didnt stop him from jumpng head first into the muddiest part of the river as soon as he had a chance. He was a funny boy that dog was.

    1. Yes that’s right, there are like a little princess but after all, nothing compares with their pure loyal and marvelous soul. I am glad you’ve enjoyed the article. Please feel free to check the others here

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