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# What do we need to know about this CBD?


# How is CBD good for our pet’s health?

The shortcut of CBD is from cannabigerol acid, which is produced from the hemp plants (or marijuana), a psychoactive component of hemp, DELTA-8 THC = tetraydrocannabinolic acid ( Shoyama et al., 2012).
The manufacturers started mass-producing and developing new products extracted from the premium hemp, cannabidiol. Examples are infinities: infused gummies, soft gels, tincture oils, vape cartridges, beauty products, and healthy products. The producers insist the products are on legal grounds as a new alternative to traditional marijuana.
Obviously, before you buy it be sure you get from where the plants are growing, research how they extract the CBD from the hemp plants and what they are using for the carrier oil.

# 1. CBD Oil

We will be dissecting and spitting out more in-depth about CBD oil in the next article but for now, let’s see how it is and what is this CBD oil.
It comes with multiple strengths from 500mg, to 1,000mg. 3 different flavours: peanut butter, chicken flavour, bacon.
Ingredients: pure MCT Oil (allergen reaction: contain a little bit of coconut) + natural flavourings.
Nonetheless, the producers strongly affirm that they are zero THC, Hemp extract, lab-tested, free of any toxins and the correct amount of CBD is based on the droplet. What does that mean? Researchers and doctors stated that the standard CBD oil dose is 1 mg / 10 pounds of body weight daily.

# Effectiveness

In the USA, Colorado State University researchers are looking into the effectiveness of CBD in the treatment of epilepsy and arthritis. For the time being, just in dogs with a long-term condition. They have participated in a study for pet medication makers applying the based science corporation. Half of the participants are receiving a placebo, and the other half, is CBD. The ones who took CBD were calmer, more relaxed and more able to understand the instructions and collaborate with their humans. Here is a nice beautiful review of the benefits of CBD.

Many doctors believe that cannabidiol has the ability to induce apoptosis to wave the cell down to prevent angiogenesis which is new blood vessel formation and often is how cancer is growing and spreading. Lastly to prevent metastasis where the cancer is growing locally and it is enabled to spread.
Doctor Meller Davis one of the 4 researchers at Guessing Medical Center in ASCO put on education research on cannabis. They’ve taken on 4 subjects and studied 3 different cancer cell lines and how they responded to the CBD cannabidiol. There is enough evidence that cannabis is oncosuppressive and there are multiple mechanisms by which it is oncosuppressive.
However, the important things when treating cancer with regard to the body’s symptoms are to start with low doses of THC or with THC and cannabidiol, and slowly increase the dose to avoid the side effects. Certainly for such symptoms, the pain has a selling effect that occurs with the use of THC and CBD.
Cannabidiol does interact with the misfunction oxidase, CBD or cannabidiol inhibits CYP384 and THC suppresses the nervous system in CYP384.

# Is it safe to administer CBD to your pets?

YES, it is! Studies have found that within 45 minutes of administering to your pets for a period of 12 weeks, you can see the results (Bergamaschi et al., 2016).
In 2018 a study by Cornell is looking at using CBD in treating dogs and cats with osteoarthritis. What they found is:
1. Is not physically negative observant
2. they noticed a reduction in pain at the assessment
This means that the treatment is working for pets with osteoarthritis.
In another study, Dr Stephanie McGraphft gave the same result. Within 16 dogs she starts the treatment with CBD at a level of 2.5 mg/kg every 12 hours. Of all the dogs that have been treated with CBD at that dose around 89% of them were responding positively and showed a decrease in seizure activity. The CBD was given in conjunction with other anti-seromant medication like Phenobarbital. This is a pretty impressive and really promising result, don’t you think?
We do know that out there are a lot of positive results. If you start with 1 mg/10kg for instance it won’t hurt or have side effects but will definitely improve the seizures and symptoms.

# The Difference Between CBD and Medical Cannabis (THC)?

The term “cannabis” varies in how people define it. It is a lot of misconceptions, and a lot of people up there are using the term “CBD” to define cannabis as an all-effective. To be clear cannabis is defined as the plant “cannabis Sativa” and this plant can produce many many compounds including :
# CBDA = cannabidiolic acid
# CBCA = cannabichromenenic acid
# CBGVA = cannabigerovarinic acid
# THCVA = tetrahydrocanabivarinic acid
# CBDVA = cannabidivarinic acid

A lot of people are familiar with CBD because it is so incredibly valuable. The CBD that people are buying over the counter, from pet shops, from online that CBD is the one that comes from hemp. So hemp is cannabis.
Legally speaking Hemp is a cannabis plant that produces less than 0.3% THC.
A lot of products have a lot of benefits like calming your pet and helping the immune system but getting high is not one of them!
Nevertheless, studies show that the CBD found in the hemp with the CBD that is in the other type of cannabis is the same. The difference is what other ingredients are there!

# The Healthy Benefits

So, our brains, as well as animals’ brains, produce it normally produces cannabidiol and then catch the different cells throughout the body called CB1, and CB2 receptors which are really important to regulating pain, sleep, memory, and immune response. But these specific receptors can interact with plats, like cannabidiol, having these positive benefits. CBD is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic drug.
The secondary therapeutic benefit is natural seizure control, so. It is well-known that approximately 1 third of dogs that have been treated for seizures, don’t respond well to treatment for seizures.
Also, CBD can decrease the level of chronic inflammation.
# Which CBD pet products
DiamondCBD – with a spin of luck to win a discount, this site sells a wide variety of CBD products from the small percentage and grams for small pets to bigger and large pets and all the products are tested in a third-party ISO certified lab to ensure dose accuracy, purity, and consistency. For instance, 75 mg CBD oil is made exclusively from hemp growth in the USA.
MediPets CBD Oil product helps support wellness, with anxiety, alleviate the discomfort of loneliness and help reduce inflammation and noise tenderness. With a variety of strengths from small pets to big ones.
Made just in the USA from the very unfalsified cannabidiol tested by a third party. The ISO-certified lab covers everything you can imagine with a wide range of strength and a superior broad-range spectrum which means that is THC-free and gluten-free vegan.
For humans and well for our furry family members, CBD gummies, CBD tinctures, CBD treatment calming oil, CBD dog chews, CBD dog treats, CBD peanut butter, CBD bundles for pets, CBD soft gels for sleep and much much more.

The results from the studies are definitely straightforward showing that in a life-threatening situation CBD works, we get it from here.
A pet, for instance, who has had a serious form of malign cancer, has been put by a vet on CBD but with the hope that will last nearly two months no more. He has lived 2 years, not 2 months as the vet indicated at the assessment.

 # GreenWellness



# Final Thoughts

Made by an animal lover for the love of the animal?
I believe so! Transmitted from human medicine to pet medicine, CBD medical cannabis is still a legal drug in 21 states in the US. Limited researches state that CBD already helped pets, and dogs with life-threatening conditions, not just epilepsy and arthritis.
Once again we are looking at additional studies and CBD. What we’ve found out is that there are so many reports from pet owners and researchers who have seen some positive results.
CBD is not the magic cure for all the world’s diseases, this doesn’t mean that will gonna cure all types of cancer but it will definitely change the lives of the users.
Education, as I’ve mentioned in my latest article here is really the most important part of the use of cannabis.
I think is very important for society to develop guidance or at least policy statements in regard to the use of cannabis, to start the conversation going nationally into development.
However, the research studying cannabis said that out there are 80 to a hundred cannabidiol in cannabis and there may in fact be a rich source of both in treatment of cancer and treating symptoms with cancers that will be important to be investigated in the future.
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8 Replies to “How is CBD good for our pet’s health?”

  1. There has been so much talk on the news and social media about this plant and while the truth is that this plant has been misused it is interesting to see how it has and is also being used in the medical field.

    Now I am surprised that dogs can also use this to help them when it comes to their health it seems that this plant is helping to bring relief that is medically ill persons, including dogs. This is news for me did not know that.

    1. Hi Norman, thank you for your kind words. It was something which we’ve been looking a lot for our furry boy as even his neutered, he is very anxious and suffers from separation anxiety so we’ve tried this CBD oil. For those sceptics, they have to know that IT IS REALLY WORKING. and make him calm not been so crying baby.
      The main thing here is that having a furry family member will raise your life up by 100%. I’ve written more in the other article you can find it here

  2. Great article. I have come across this idea a few times over the past year. It really isn’t too farfetched to think animals can respond to this kind of treatment. After all, they can become ill and suffer from health problems just the same as people. I wonder though to what effect does this have? I’ve kind of been aware for a while about how THC can affect the cannabinoid receptors in our brains. I guess it must work similarly for animals and with CBD instead.

    1. Hi Alex, thank you for your feedback much appreciated. Yes, science has been proven through the researcher that CBD has a huge consistent impact in pets life and diseases as well as for humans. I have a whole new article, I will publish today and I will let you know.
      Many blessings to you

    1. Thank you Joseph for this kind comment. I have been thinking for quite some time about this but I truly believe that CBD is good in any form with a good concentration for anyone and anything as long as coming from a natural source. Many blessings to you&family

  3. I never knew CBD oil was also for pets. I have an older dog who is suffering from arthritis. She is quite old and would probably benefit from having some. Is this product available to Australia?

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