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Today’s subject will be how I can get my free health and fitness body fit & wellbeing.
One of the greatest tools I have or the best tools I have is a bioimpedance scale which is practically a scale to measure the rated perceived exertion. In other words, to measure the intensity of your exercise.


 Kinaya scale


How many people can say that they’ve been on a New Year’s resolution for let’s say, 10 years? Well, I can but most people can’t say that they’ve been on a New Year’s resolution for 18 days. By the way, what was your New Year’s resolution last year should be on it still should.
Just think of all the money you spent on all these gadgets and devices and diets that never work. All those things that cause in the past eg1995 added that up over 10 years. If you ask me or come to see me what I do is I discuss your goals, your fitness goals, we go over your medications.


Get Rid of Those Medicated Products

If you’re on any medications is a lot of preventable medications that I have gotten several people off for 10ys diabetes medication, high blood pressure medication things like that. Those are preventable or environmental prescriptions that
alone can help medicate or help keep control over it. But you never really recover from it! We are not born on this earth to take medications!
Just by staying healthy and changing a few things. I’m not here to change your whole life around you. When I work on nutrition and how people take pictures of what they are eating now, I don’t want to give them a piece of paper that says here’s your diet. Heck No, that be crazy. A diet developed just for you don’t do it all in one day! You have to focus mostly on the weight training itself to begin all that.


Symmetrical & Balanced 

When you stand on the scale barefooted it sends a signal through your feet up through your body and back down.
When you are hearing talking and ask you how much water you have had, it means that the muscles, as a conductor with water running. The faster the signal goes out through the muscle the faster it comes down and that’s going to give you a higher body mass index or muscle index, or fat. For the people who have had hardly or no water in the body it slows the signal down and that’s how it determines the difference between how much muscle you have in your body and how much fat you have in your body.
Did you ever hear about the bio Peaden scale?
The scale is used for eg when you get up in the morning and you go to weigh themselves the first thing you look at is did I gain or lose a pound. Well unless you gain or burn 3500 calories in your sleep you’re not going to gain a pattern. To lose a pound of fat it’s physiologically impossible. If you ate Chinese food the night before you have all that sodium in, all that processed food in your body which it’s going to make inflammation grow and in the form of water. Your intestines, your organs or blood vessels and everything else gets inflamed with water, and that’s why you gain a couple of pounds.
Let’s take this example where 2 people weigh themselves in the morning because they know they’re going to be lighter and more dehydrated.
Once you understand the science of the way your body works and you don’t have to get into it will be such an amazing super relief feeling you’ve never imagined it.
Most people just want to come to the gym and lift weights and work out and feel good about themselves. And that’s a bit much wrong. Because you have to look inside you!
To teach you what is a good choice and what is a bad choice as far as food or even your lifestyle it’s up to you to make that decision. Whether you’re going to take another option or just stay with the same thing that you’ve been doing forever.
You don’t want to get old and be relying on how friends and relatives take care of you as a lasting while has done.
Is the time to take care of yourself as of begin of the year is a great time that’s why everybody gets on a bioimpedance scale to maintain and improve the health and endurance of this body for this coming year.
Did you know that your parents are responsible for your shape? If you were passed down the same DNA as they have you might have an apple shape which is mostly around the middle.
Or hourglass or a pear shape which is heavier on the bottom and then have that too it goes both ways is not as common but it does go both ways. Ladies and gentlemen you are responsible for the shape that you’re in right now and in conjunction with my assistance or any other PT, this can fix it!
To be honest we can not fix the DNA but we can really enhance the impedance body in the other categories For eg a body fat range can put you in the obese category because anything over 30% is clinically obese and that’s where preventable conditions happen like diabetes and so on. That can be all reversed by getting down past that 30% now it’s not always 100% some people can have body fat in the teens and still be type two diabetic and that’s what I’m talking about what I talked about diabetes is type 2. Type one you’re basically bored with it and take in some type 2 is preventable and it’s also curable.


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